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Wooden Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

Wood Playhouse Design Ideas

Summer is a great time to play in the open air. If you have the means and time to design your garden with a cute little house for your kids to play in, they will most certainly appreciate it. Wood en outdoor playhouses from Green House could be a cool find for a family with your children. Green House offer various kinds of wooden houses. They're...

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Artistic Wall Sticker Decor for Your Room

Tree Wall Sticker Print Designs

Are you bored of your old bedroom or living room? Spending countless days in the same environment can easily get tiresome, and it's important to keep things fresh and changing, especially in our main living space. There's no easier way to spruce things up a bit than by putting up wall stickers. Wall sticker is a modern alternative to painting mu...

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Modern Wall Poster Living Room Inspirations

Telephone Box Poster in Red Wall Interior Design

Poster or wallpaper in your room can easily affect your mood. Moreover, it can affect the mood of your guest as well. TeoJasmin is a French company with magnificent modern wall posters. If your walls need some decorative elements be sure to check out some posters from their collection. Wall posters are always a better alternative to blank walls...

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Modern LCD TV Cabinets

White TV Cabinet Spazio Box Volumi Design

PiancaItaly launched a new modular storage system that fits beautifully in modern homes. Their modular furniture pieces and cabinets are easily portable and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. These cabinets come in two variations. There's also a unit combined with a TV panel where you can easily install your flat screen. With well-tho...

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Modern and Futuristic Work Desk Design Ideas

Stylish Work Desk for Modern Home Office from Kaijustudios

A workplace should be functional, practical and also reflect the style and taste of its owner. The main part of any home office furniture is a desk, and its appearance and functionality must be a priority. Kaijustudios presented a work table with a combination of elegant and trendy styles, with finishing elements of wood. This table is an awesom...

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Bright Furniture and Cool Kids Room Designs Ideas

White and Brown Kids Room Decor

We recently saw a new catalog from BM2000. There's a ton of interesting furniture for babies and kids available. Tables, cabinets, beds; all of them feature clever construction and ergonomic designs. Efficiency is also one of the key points, ensuring you will not have a storage problem anymore. We were particularly impressed with cool wallpapers...

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Contemporary Minimalist Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Twin Bed in Teenager Room Inspirations

Teen room must always reflect their daily activities and life. You don't want to restrict their creativity! They need a comfortable place where they can relax, play, do homework, and whatever else kids do when we adults aren't around. Pianca is an Italian company providing very creative solutions for teen bedrooms. These bedrooms can easily sat...

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Modern Fireplaces Design Ideas

Unique Wall Fireplace Design

Fireplaces aren't just for providing warmth. They can make any home feel like, well, home. We've been gathering families and friends over fireplaces for countless years, and there's just something very pleasant about the sounds and smells produced by burning wood. Fireplaces should be functional and serve a purpose though. They're a great decora...

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Tidy & Organized Teen Bedroom Ideas

Yellow Bed and Brown Wall Decoration

Organizing teen bedrooms is not easy. That's why Corazzin designed teen bedroom furniture is that much more impressive. It's designed to require as little cleaning and organizing as possible, giving you and your kids more time to do things you and they enjoy. Attractive furniture solutions make it possible to create a tidy space where teens can ...

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Streetscape Home in Belgium

White Loft with Glass Roof Design Ideas

This is a residential house in the streetscape, flanked on both sides by adjacent structures with two layers with a gable. There is an enclosed hallway leading to the backyard. The whole house really maximizes privacy, with facade closed for privacy from both sides. This project by dmvA Architecten certainly stands out in the neighborhood. Be ...

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