Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Modern Teen Bedroom Inspirations

Twin Bed in Dark Pink Room Ideas

Modern and stylish teen bedrooms are the fad now. Stunning designs, playful colors and modern furniture are far more popular in teen bedrooms nowadays, as opposed to old rustic decors. Block wall or brick wall designs are still a thing you can go for, but most modern teen bedrooms are clean and organized as much as possible. Having a ton of extr...

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Creative and Colorful Office Design Ideas

Yellow Office with Pixel Wall Decor

Officers are often not a place people like to spend time in. They're bland, often loud, and it's not always easy to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. Slovenian firm Zek however is doing all they can to create a pleasant atmosphere in offices. The use of bright and playful colors, along with funny murals on walls make for a much more...

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Best Computer Desk Setups

Studio Music Computer Setup Design

It's not always easy to spend hours upon hours in front of a computer. Those who work on a PC for a living know how difficult it can be to sit for 6 or more hours in front of a screen. Whether you're mixing music, designing websites, programming or simply browsing the web, having a comfortable and pleasant computer desk is extremely important. T...

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Efficient Modern Workspace Design Ideas

Busy Funky Nifty Mac Workspace

We recently found some cool workspace design ideas from home design website, and our first thought was to share it with our readers. Fancy modern workspace designs are always changing and adapting, but some classic are just so easily incorporated into your own workspace at home or office. If you need a few starter ideas on how to create a beauti...

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Cool Urban Style Loft in France

Urban Posters in Remodeling Loft

It's hard to believe this luxury loft was once a textile mill. Architects and designers of this urban loft in France have done a great job redecorating the attic of this old building to make it spectacular to look at and live in. This is a truly magnificent loft that we think everyone should take a look at. If you need some inspiration on how to...

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Awesome Red Town Office Shanghai

Work Station Design Ideas Red Town Office

This is an office from Tantra Creations, located in a former factory in Shanghai. This office does not remodel the existing structure, and the whole office floor is built on top of the original steel structure to give it a feel of authenticity. This creative and innovative office design is a pleasure to look at, and no doubt a comfortable space ...

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Car Beds for Boys

Yellow Mining Truck Themed Bed for Boys

Most young boys are into cars, there's little doubt about it. When they're 5, 8, 10 years old, chances are they are dreaming of becoming a race car driver. Car beds for boys are definitely one way to make them feel better about it, which is why the production and sales of car beds is skyrocketing over the past decade. Thanks to a variety of stor...

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Luxury Girl Bedroom Designs

Princes Bedroom Design Ideas

The following gallery is a collection from Di Liddo & Perego, Italian manufacturer. These girls bedroom designs are made to look very fancy and luxurious. Tons of girls are dreaming to become princesses, and decorating their room as a fairy tale can often make their environment more pleasant. If you're looking to create a small empire for y...

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Beautiful Pink Baby Crib Design Ideas

Pink Baby Crib Design Inspirations

Pink color is very likely the most suitable one for a baby girl. Your charming little princess will love pink for sure, which is why many parents choose to decorate their nursery in pink-color themes. Today we're featuring a simple pink baby crib and room by Potterybarnkids which can give you some ideas on how you can decorate your nursery as w...

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Special Car Themed Bedrooms by V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel Workshop Themed Bedroom Inspirations

Hotel V8 is a heaven for car enthusiasts. Their room decorations are all car themes and very fitting for anyone who enjoys automobiles. Many of their beds and accessories found in V8 hotel rooms are made from actual cars. This isn't your usual hotel, and a lot of thought went into designing the best car-themed place to sleep. The hotel is built...

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