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Cool Urban Style Loft in France

Urban Posters in Remodeling Loft

It's hard to believe this luxury loft was once a textile mill. Architects and designers of this urban loft in France have done a great job redecorating the attic of this old building to make it spectacular to look at and live in. This is a truly magnificent loft that we think everyone should take a look at. If you need some inspiration on how to...

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Red and Green Loft Design Ideas

Simple Rows of Shevles in Paris Loft

Loft designs are typically not complex. More often than not they're wide and relatively empty spaces with limited furniture and decoration. But that doesn't mean it should look empty! Our featured designs today include a red and green loft design ideas. Separating spaces with bookcases or other objects can often make the place look more tidy. Ad...

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