Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Unique and Bizarre Themed Rooms Decoration

Unique Upside Down Bedroom by Lars Stroschen

The following gallery is a collection of bizarre and unique hotel rooms from the Propeller Island Lodge in Berlin, Germany. This bedroom was designed by Lars Stroschen. It's hard to exactly pinpoint where the designer's inspiration came from, but it's definitely unique and memorable. If you're into interesting artistic designs and love all thing...

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Skateboarding Inspired House Design

Skateable Furniture PAS Hose Design

This conceptual house we're showcasing today was exhibited in Paris, and features a skateboarding-themed house. While it may not make sense initially, once you see the pictures you'll immediately understand what it's all about. This house is divided into three separate rooms. Main section covers living room, dining room, and kitchen. Second part...

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Awesome Maison Plastique, Shelter Island Pavilion in New York

Purple and Blue Wall Decor Shelter Island Pavilion

Stamberg Aferiat Architecture designed the Maison Plastique. This colorful retreat spanning 1100 square feet is their own headquarters. This building is located on Shelter Island at the eastern end of Long Island, NYC. Although construction of the place is making it look slightly cramped, it consists of two independent pavilions beside the swimm...

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Living Room Sofa Furniture by Natuzzi

Small Green Living Room Inspirations

Natuzzi has a fantastic living room furniture collection, and is the focus of our gallery today. They specialize in living room couch and furniture sets. Natuzzi has a very diverse set of living room sofa furniture, with top quality leather and fabric sofas suitable for any living room. Take a glance at the photo gallery to see some of our favor...

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Contemporary and Luxury Living Room Furniture

White Living Room with Artistic Chandelier

BoConcept provides different urban living room furniture, both modern and luxurious. Their products are designed with the concept of casual, stylish and sleek or contemporary and modern. Brown as well as white dominate throughout their living room furniture designs. Scroll down to see our top picks of contemporary and luxury living room furnitur...

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Modern and Colorful Living Rooms Inspiration

White Sofas Lounge with Red Wall Decoration

We've put together some modern and colorful living room design, almost all showing good old visualization skills of each character designer. We found 10 inspirational living rooms that will definitely make you think about all the amazing things you can do in your own home. Credits: A B C D E F G H I J For more inspiration, don't forget to che...

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Modern and Luxury Living Rooms That Pop Out

Yellow and Blue Modern Couches White Living Room

We just came across some luxury designs from Ligne Roset’s collection. These living room designs are a new breakthroughs in stylish designs as they dare to deviate from convention. Furniture pieces and other decorative elements are made to stand out from the rest, and bright colors truly make it pop out. Many of the designs are reminding us of...

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Modern Teenager Workspaces

Teen Mini Studio Music Arranger Workspace Desk

Making kids do their homework can be a troublesome affair for some parents. That's why it's always important to ensure your kids are comfortable sitting in their workspaces. We came across several interesting workspace designs for teenagers on Deskography, and figured it's about time to address this topic too. Make sure to put some thought into...

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Modern & Sports Living Rooms Designs

White Living Room Bears Warm Contemporary Tradition

Homeowners can easily get bored of the same space. Everyone wants their home to be unique and cheerful, a place they want to come back to and spend time in. To help homeowners enjoy their personal space, designers often blend colors and schemes to better define textures and help various elements stand out. We found quite a few interesting design...

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Modern and Classy Living Rooms Inspiration

White Living Room Plants with Wooden Floor

In today's article we present the concept of a modern and classy living room from the famous designer Andrey Zyomko and Meedo. They are the designers of Polish and Russian origin. What they have in common is using the concept of luxurious and modern lighting. But, they use two different forms of visualization. They are also able to put this beau...

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