Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Bedroom Closets and Wardrobes Design Ideas

Walk in Wardrobe Open Inspiration in Small Bedroom

Are you planning to design a large closet in your bedroom? Today we're focusing on giving your a few awesome ideas on how to incorporate a great looking bedroom closet or wardrobe. When thinking about bedroom closets or wardrobes there are a few things to keep in mind. First you need to measure the room and space requirements for your clothing. ...

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Fresh and Beautiful Urban Gardens

Urban Garden with Tiled floor and Bamboo

We were recently looking for some great urban garden designs. One of the most impressive finds were urban garden designs from Rees Roberts + Partners LLC. What impressed us most is how they are able to maximize the space to put everything in the garden. This trend of urban gardens has grown in many cities worldwide, triggered by the desire to ge...

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Luxury Interiors of the Air Force 1

Obama in Air Force One Cabin

You may be familiar with the Air Force 1, plane of the President of the United States of America. But have you ever seen the plane interior? Today's gallery includes a few pictures taken by White House chief photographer during President Obama's era. He took some snaps of the President with his team in the cabin of Air Force One. Enjoy the galle...

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Beautiful Indoors Greenwalls Ideas

Portable Green Wall Design Ideas

It's not often that we find green plants in our homes nowadays. Having plants in homes takes some care and maintenance, but they can be such a great design tool. Making our homes more friendly and staying in touch with nature is important, especially if living in cities. Swedish company Greenworks designs and produces greenwalls for interiors...

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Small but Spacious Bathtubs for Tight Spaces

White Small Bathroom Design Sprino

For modern living, spacious bathrooms are not always important. Residential areas don't always provide lots of room for large homes, and space can often be limited. Bathtubs are very important for many people. It's a great place to relax after a hard working day and enjoy the peace and quiet. Small changes to any bathroom should provide enough s...

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Unique Modern Wallpaper Murals

Urban Mural Bedroom Wallpaper with Black Bed

Italian firm Giovanni Pagani in collaboration with Wall&Deco are making fantastic unique modern wallpaper murals. Their modern urban concepts and contrasting styles and designs can truly make a sexy and exotic impression. Wallpaper murals are great for large, empty walls. Rather than hide the emptiness with pictures or photo frames or va...

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Modern Red And White Teen Room Design Inspirations

Modern Red and White Teen Room Design 2011

Color can affect the mood of your kids, so you must be careful to choose colors that not only reflect them but also ensure they're stimulated properly. Red is an aggressive color which can energize them, but when combined with neutral colors it can be beautiful and relaxing. Today's featured gallery is brought to you by Julia, an Italian compan...

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Purple Teen Room Furniture

Violet and Purple Teen Bedroom Furniture for Small Space

Italian company Clei has showcased new multi-functional furniture for kids with bright color combinations of violet and purple. One of the examples of multi functional design is a bed with hinge at elbow which allows it to be folded and become a part of wardrobe or a desk. Simple, but very useful, especially for teenagers who always need extra s...

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Beautiful White Loft Design Inspirations

White Loft Living Room with Red and White Furniture

Milan, London and Paris are always a great source of inspiration for loft designs. A fusion of both modern and classic, with bookshelves as a barrier between spaces and use of furniture in every corner, is always elegant and pleasant. Today's featured gallery comes from airbnb and miresparis. Take a look at these white loft designs and get insp...

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Red and Green Loft Design Ideas

Simple Rows of Shevles in Paris Loft

Loft designs are typically not complex. More often than not they're wide and relatively empty spaces with limited furniture and decoration. But that doesn't mean it should look empty! Our featured designs today include a red and green loft design ideas. Separating spaces with bookcases or other objects can often make the place look more tidy. Ad...

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