Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Colorful Kids Room Furniture from Pentamobili

Pop Color Kids Bedroom for Two

For people born in the mid 80s to early 90s, there's probably two iconic things we desired as children: Barbies for girls, and Legos for boys. Actually, Legos may be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls. Even parents aren't indifferent, and enjoy creating pleasant kids rooms, using different colors and objects. Castles or towers, small houses, ca...

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Cool Colorful Kids Room Ideas

Simple Full Color Kids Room Design Ideas

Designing a bedroom for kids if different than one for teenagers or adults. Children use their rooms for studying and music, but mostly for playing, and adding a splash of bright colors to their bedrooms is definitely welcome. Something kids certainly won't mind are bright, playful colors, and today's gallery showcases exactly that. Colorful kid...

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