Colorful Kids Room Furniture from Pentamobili

For people born in the mid 80s to early 90s, there’s probably two iconic things we desired as children: Barbies for girls, and Legos for boys. Actually, Legos may be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls. Even parents aren’t indifferent, and enjoy creating pleasant kids rooms, using different colors and objects. Castles or towers, small houses, cars, ships, animals, … They’re all wonderful motifs for a children’s bed room.

During the aforementioned years, there was an emerging trend of modular furniture. The new craze for modern parents was to build a colorful and joyful environment for kids. This is evident is the well-known producer of kid’s furniture Pentamobili. Founder was born in 1984 and over the years expanded his business to over 40 countries.

The secret to his success is as simple as it is brilliant: Lego. Designers realized the obvious: more colorful elements provide more interesting results. In addition to a wide variety of options, Pentamobili offers excellent quality. And the most important feature they use for a very long time is an online furniture designer which provides tons of customization options. Parents can pick from a range of layouts and modules with their kids and mix and match colors to create the perfect room.

The company has three model lines: Camilla (neutral classics), Aurora (for gamers with color) and Smart (colorful but pleasing unusual items). In this gallery we have collected what seemed to us the most interesting designs, so take a look.

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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