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Best Laundry Bags Design Ideas

Teen Ocean Floral Laundry Back Pack Design

Laundry bags are typically bland and boring. That's all about to change when you see our showcase gallery today. Bright colors and unique shapes are all the rage, and for good reason: why not make one of the most boring items fit better in your bedroom or bathroom design. You usually don't want your laundry bag to draw too much attention, but it...

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Beautiful Stairs Design From Scale Nilur

Wooden Spiral Stairs Design Ideas

Stairs are very often a part of everyone's home where the lack of attention to detail can easily be seen, but that's certainly not the case with Scale Nilur. There's really no reason why stairs in your house or apartment can't be a fantastically beautiful element and compliment the overall theme, so take a glance at a few Nilur stair concepts th...

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Embrace Lampposts from Design Systems

Lampposts Viewed from Behind the Wall Circular Shape

Though Ghoofie is usually about home decoration rather than public spaces, today we simply couldn't resist but bring you these amazingly designed lamp posts from Hong Kong. Created by Design Systems, these street lights are used for pedestrian lane in front of Kaifong Community Hall in Hong Kong. There are five light poles: three of them form a ...

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Contemporary Rugs by Dhesja

Contemporary White Rugs from Dhesja

Floors in your home never again have to look dull. Today Ghoofie is bringing your attention to Dhesja, a contemporary rugs designer that will make your friends jealous. Whether you choose bright or dark colors, these designs of these rugs will fit any interior decorating style you prefer. These rugs aren't the kind that are used to cover the scr...

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Charming Floor Lamp: Occhio Sento Terra from Axelmeiselicht

Wonderful Occhio Sento Terra Floor Lamp

Sento Terra floor lamp presented by Axelmeiselicht lighting company from Munich, Germany. Sento Terra floor lamp is very unique, because it is able to create lighting effects that differ depending on the use of lenses, color filters, glass and cover. There are five different color filters available, and the options are between red, yellow, blue,...

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