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Christmas Interior Decorating Ideas

Wool Round Christmas Decor in Red and Green Color

Beginning of December is the perfect time to think about how to decorate for upcoming Christmas. Typical holiday-themed colors used for Christmas decorations include green and red for the most part, but you can and should mix and match other colors too if it suits your overall interior design theme. Green is a symbol of nature, well-being, hope ...

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Best Luxury Train: Maharajas Express

Wooden Room Divider

When speaking of interior design, trains are most certainly not the first thing that pops to minds. Nevertheless we enjoy seeing style and beauty wherever we find it, and this time it's on a luxurious Maharajas Express train. This train has 14 carriages, two dining rooms, bar and lounge. Its interior decoration is very luxurious, and traveling I...

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Unique Nature Themed Office

Weird Denver Eco Office Supplies

We often take a look at green gardens, but this office in Denver took it a step further. As the artist who created it explains: “Domination implies taking over. If we had it our way, natural systems would dominate entirely. Natural systems operate in perfect efficiency. Humans are both part of those natural systems and also somehow separate (by ...

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Cool Wall Stickers with Personal Touch

Modern Wall Stickers Birds and Cage Design

Not On The High Street presents us with modern wall stickers that can easily make any room look fabulous. Wall stickers come in countless different designs, and it's always important to ensure they complement the overall theme and style of the room well, but also make sense to be added. These wall stickers we're showcasing today definitely fit i...

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Kids Wall Decoration Ideas

Modern Wall Sticker Cartoon 3D Design By Acte Deco

Below you can see some wall sticker designs by Acte Deco especially made for kids. Brightly colored cartoon themes for walls easily personalize the space and give the kids plenty of joy. It's a very inexpensive and easy do it yourself project if you want to brighten up your kids room....

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IKEA Wall Picture Frame Designs

Plyful IKEA Sticker Wall Decor to your Living Room

IKEA knows how to create beautiful and functional designs, and that extends to picture frames as well. They offer a wide variety of photo and picture frames for walls, so here's some of their choices, designs and concepts you can pick from. Galley Glam: Hanging framed pictures from a straight line turns your stairway into a small exhibition. ...

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Modern Wall Decor for Your Home

Modern Wall Print Decor With Greay Leaf Design

The following gallery includes a few excellent wallpaper designs from Omexco collection. They offers plenty of modern wall decor designs and wallpapers. All products from Omexco are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, which is becoming increasingly important to more and more people every year. Wallpapers are typically found in clas...

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Creative After Matisse Rug Design Ideas

White Living Room with Pink Chair and Colorful Rugs

Matisse Rug is created from a playful collage of 26 hand dyed wools. The materials are derived from pure New Zealand wool. These matisse carpets are made in irregular shapes, and colorful rugs brighten any room they're placed in. These "After Matisse" rugs are created by British rug designer Sonya Winner. Take a look below!...

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Awesome Photo Wallpapers Design Ideas

Stylish Bathroom with Waterfall Wallpaper Ideas

The following collection of photo wallpapers was created by designer Eazywallz. If you're looking for something very much unique for your kitchen or living room, these wallpapers/wall stickers are a wonderful choice of decoration. You might prefer a personal photo mural, images of nature or fine art prints, but everything can look great as long...

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Awesome Indoor Pool Designs

Small Rooftop Pools Design Inspirations

Swimming pools inside homes are usually a symbol of luxury. If you can afford it, having a private pool at home can offer plenty of privacy and let you swim whenever you like. To build a swimming pool in your home you will need plenty of space, but also plenty of money. But, it's most certainly worth it. There's nothing better for relaxing after...

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