Contemporary Rugs by Dhesja

Floors in your home never again have to look dull. Today Ghoofie is bringing your attention to Dhesja, a contemporary rugs designer that will make your friends jealous. Whether you choose bright or dark colors, these designs of these rugs will fit any interior decorating style you prefer.

These rugs aren’t the kind that are used to cover the scratches in your floors or imperfections in your tiles — these beautifully and creatively designed rugs can easily become the focal point of your house.

Contemporary Grass Rugs from Dhesja

Dhesja has a wonderful selection of great rugs, but one we’d like to specifically point out is pictured just above, depicting nearly every city dweller’s dream weekend. This “grass rug” can add a dose of nature in your living room and is one of the better choices when it comes to pleasure.

Quality materials, well-thought out color palettes, and simplistic yet pleasant patterns are what make Dhesja rugs one of most sought after companies.

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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