Overflow Bathtubs from Käsch German

This bathubs produced by Käsch, Germany. Everyone should pay extra attention, because this bath is very fantastic, unique and amazing. The tub is different from the usual ones you can get at your local home depot, like it tends to flush with the floor surface. Dive in our gallery of photos of these wonderful bathtubs.

From Käsch:

The Overflow bathtub series is designed in such a way that overflowing water is directed back into the tub which gives the bath the appearance of a natural waterhole. The concept resulted from the wish to combine the aesthetics of nature with the cultic character of bathing, and to give space to the element water in order to allow for all its possibilities. When flowing, it creates reflections in the interplay with light and new experiences associated with its sound. Man’s contact with the element water is intensified. Overflow understands itself as part of a bathing culture intent on naturalness, accentuating both meditative and stimulating elements in the bathroom.

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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