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Contemporary Office Design With Herman Miller Chairs

Fascinating Office Room Design with Herman Miller Chair

Designing the perfect office space along with the decor does not guarantee comfort. Collection of Herman Miller chairs provide it. Herman Miller chairs are modern, attractive and flexible. These chairs are very sought after and often used to complement a productive office. Here we're taking a look at some examples of great office space design wi...

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White Vintage House in Sweden

White Vintage House Design with Rough Furniture

Vintage design house can be a beautiful thing to design. There are so many shapes and designs and options, and you can refurbish almost any old furniture and it will fit great in a vintage house design. This old house was built in Sweden in 1972, has been renovated since, but still keeps the traditional look. It's very interesting to look at thi...

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Tropical Dream Home in Hawaii

Ocean House Yard with Minimalist Pond

Most people don't know much about Hawaii, except that it's somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and part of United States of America. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Hawaiian interior design style different, but our showcase gallery today should give you a few rough ideas. We're taking a look at a tropical dream house with traditional Ha...

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Creative Roller Coaster Chair by Victor M. Aleman

Awesome Lounge Chair Design Ideas

Just when we almost thought we'd seen plenty of creative furniture ideas, we came across this roller coaster shaped lounge chair. This fascinating furniture piece is made of wood covered with foam base. Chair allows you to sit down in a variety of ways, where you can relax, read a book, have a drink or have an intimate talk with a loved one. Des...

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Simple Chic Country House Design

White Minimalist Classic Living Area

Most people have a hard time imagining living in a farmhouse, but countryside has numerous advantages. City dwellers may feel more comfortable within steel and concrete, but sometimes it's good to get in a touch with nature. Taking a trip outside the city a common thing, and there's no reason to get rid of all modern comforts and styles. This be...

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Unique King Kong Inspired Home Theater

Outdoor King Kong Inspired Home Theater Design Ideas

King Kong movies are phenomenally popular. Tom Spina Designs created a themed home theater by taking an idea from the King Kong movies. A screen with a head-shaped stone base and King Kong looks unique and interesting. Two seats in the shape of King Kong's palm of the hand makes it even more special. With seating and view like this, it's not har...

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Home Entertainment & Movies Room Decor

Warm Media Room Design with Chocolate Brown Velvet

Many styles can be used to design a movies room. Home movies room should be comfortable, and you should feel good about watching movies in it while enjoying pizza and popcorn or warm drinks. Obviously the selection of sofas and decor is very important in creating a relaxing space you can sit in for hours. The addition of a few movie posters and ...

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Amazing House Design by Fernanda Marques

White Living Room with Bookshelves and Glass Wall

Fernanda Marques combines indoor and outdoor design by connecting some of the wooden decks outside the house, the glass ceiling and glass windows floor to ceiling and doors. One special part of the house is an amazing bungalow. This house was designed at times of growing environmental consciousness, and the desire to get back to nature....

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Colorful Home Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Mini Toy Fantasy Interior Home Ideas

This home-studio of Karim Rashid (architect, designer, writer) was created in collaboration with his wife, a native of Belgrade. As in all his works, here we have an open, almost childish use of the combination of colors and objects, ensuring an atmosphere of celebration and joy. All the elements create a strong interiors, but in a completely d...

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Colorful Kids Room Furniture from Pentamobili

Pop Color Kids Bedroom for Two

For people born in the mid 80s to early 90s, there's probably two iconic things we desired as children: Barbies for girls, and Legos for boys. Actually, Legos may be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls. Even parents aren't indifferent, and enjoy creating pleasant kids rooms, using different colors and objects. Castles or towers, small houses, ca...

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