Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Beautiful White Kitchens Inspiration Ideas

White Modern Retro Floor Tiles

White kitchens are extremely popular. In fact, white or black and white has been the dominant color in most kitchens nowadays, especially modern kitchens. White is known for representing clarity, modernity, purity, cleanliness, and innocence. It's the most neutral color and the easiest one to cross with another color. White reflects light so t...

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Best Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern White and Purple Kitchen Furniture Ideas

All of us enjoy different colors. We are always partial to some, and dislike others. We have different desires and needs and they are constantly changing. Purple kitchen isn't for everyone's taste. For the most part purple is considered a feminine color, and many women find it more enjoyable to cook in a purple environment. If you think you'll e...

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Elegant Modern Brown Kitchen Designs Ideas

White Kitche With Brown Accents

Modern black and white kitchen designs often dominate magazines today, but sometimes you just have to take a step back and go with the classics. Even if you're not big into wood designs, you can still use brown as a dominant color in your kitchen and still make it look fantastic! Our brown kitchen gallery includes designs from three European ki...

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Awesome Modern Red Kitchen Designs

Red Italian Kitchen with Mini Bar by Gatto Cucine

Love, passion, lust and beauty are just some of the main themes of red color. It can easily stimulate your emotions, and a great looking modern red kitchen is often a place you like to be in. Contemporary decor and red-colored design is now increasingly gaining popularity, so much that is has even become the trend of modern kitchen style. If you...

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Fresh Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Compact Kitchen Design Concept

Green kitchen designs aren't the most common. Despite many negative feelings about this color in the kitchen, green is exactly the opposite. It signals positivity, prosperity, nature, freshness, health, immaturity, growth and youth. Green kitchen is often ideal for enjoying good food and fine dining. Our collection of green kitchen designs will ...

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Creative and Inovative Loowatt Toilet

Plot Loowatt System

Of all the things that people traditionally throw, human waste is something we usually don't consider repurposing. British Loowatt system is looking to change this by getting users involved from the ground up (sorry!). The Loowatt system is created to ensure we re-purpose our waste to create biogas and fertilizer. This toilet system collects was...

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The Best Spa in the World “Como Shambhala Resort in Bali”

Tranditional and Cultural Design Como Shambhala Resort

Como Shambhala is one of the best places for a spa in the world. Their secret is a traditional herb used for spa. Como Shambhala Estate is located close to Ubud, Bali's creative and cultural center that perfectly embodies a stunning landscape of Bali's tranquility. Como Shambhala is constructed with a combination of contemporary design and authe...

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Awesome Orange Kitchen Designs

White And Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Orange kitchen designs are rare, but highly effective. If you want something different but still elegant and stylish, an orange kitchen is a sure-fire way to get some attention. Orange radiates fun and energy. It's a flamboyant color that can sometimes be considered extreme for a kitchen. It's certainly a love it or hate it kind of color, that m...

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Top Modern and Elegant Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Modern Brown Bed Furniture with Black Rug

Evinco Design is presenting their new modern and elegant bedroom designs. We took a look at their site and found many of their bedroom designs very interesting. They describe a modern approach to design a bedroom with a luxurious and comfortable headrest of course, using lighting to highlight the best parts, and spruce it up with decorative accent ...

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Modern Small Floorspace Kids Rooms

Tiny Childrens Room Design with Stand Stairs

Saving space can be very important in small homes. It's especially crucial in kids rooms, where it can easily get cluttered. Sergi Mengot is a Barcelona based interior designer who designed this beautiful girls bedroom that is very comfortable but perfectly sized for a small floorspace. The designer uses a variety of combinations and creative id...

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