Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Babby Bedding Set Ideas

Full Collor Cool Babby Crib Peek a Boo Themes

Want your baby to grow up to be a famed soccer player, financial mogul or something else entirely? A themed bedding set is certainly one way to instill your kids with certain predispositions at very early age. Themed bedding sets are great for babies but also small kids or teenagers. There's a seemingly endless number of options available when i...

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Best Laundry Bags Design Ideas

Teen Ocean Floral Laundry Back Pack Design

Laundry bags are typically bland and boring. That's all about to change when you see our showcase gallery today. Bright colors and unique shapes are all the rage, and for good reason: why not make one of the most boring items fit better in your bedroom or bathroom design. You usually don't want your laundry bag to draw too much attention, but it...

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Fancy Teen Pillows Design With Nice Picture

Teen Pillow Design with Nice Picture

If you're looking for unique pillow cases for your kids, you just found them! These fancy teen pillows by iDream are absolutely fantastic and will make your kids bed truly stand out. Fun and playful designs and pictures are anything but monotonous, and chances are your kids are going to love them. Our gallery includes a few of iDream's most ef...

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Luxury and Gorgeous Bedrooms

Stunning Bedroom Guest House Like in the Library

Luxury bedrooms are very pleasant to sleep and spend time in. Some will take you to the Victorian era, while others will walk you through the room feeling like you're on some quiet street. Some are well lit and letting as much light in as possible, while some hide the outside with beautiful curtains. We collected a few luxury and gorgeous bedroo...

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Contemporary Bathroom with Traditional and Modern Materials

Nice Bathrooms from Neutra with Simple twin Wastafel

Bathroom designs from Neutra are quite inspiring. Their fusion of traditional and modern styles are a thing to behold and certainly novel. Neutra's contemporary bathroom designs have the feeling of modern, while also using traditional materials and patters making it look more natural and familiar. Couple that with wallpaper designs of forests o...

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10 Beautiful Young Girl & Teen Bedroom Designs

Sweet Teen Rooms for Girls with Pink Lantern

When choosing a bedroom design for a young girl or even a teenager, it's hard to make a mistake with certain choices. Colors like pink, purple and yellow always work, and in fact it's fairly hard to find a girl's bedroom that doesn't feature at least one of those colors. Decorations like dolls and flowers are always popular as well, and these ar...

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8 Awesome Bedrooms For Young Boys

Sporty Teen Boys Room Design with Hockey Stick

Having young kids -- especially boys, can often feel like a full time job. That's why making sure they have a private and playful place of their own can be an important step for both the parents and kids. In today's showcase gallery we're bringing you a few awesome bedrooms for young boys from the pbteen collection. All of these are fairly simp...

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Awesome Art Loving Teen Bedrooms

Scientist Themed Kids Room with White Rug

If you have an art-loving teenager at home, this article is for you! Though some teens prefer minimalist decoration and some want a bit of chaos thrown in, designing a bedroom for your teenager is a matter of their own preference, not yours. There's always ways you can encourage and support their interests, and if your teenager loves art then de...

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Top 10 Wildly Unique and Artistic Bathrooms

Unique And Exotic Stone Wall Bathroom by Arkiden124

We featured all kinds of common bathroom designs and concepts, but today we're just showcasing designs that mostly don't fit into any particular category. These 10 unique artistic designs are works of art that will make the jaw drop on anyone visiting your bathroom. There's no reason why having those few moment of privacy can't be a pleasant exp...

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Minimalist Modern Bathroom Design Ideas from Rexa

Simple Modern Bathroom with Twin Wastafel from Rexa

Rexa is an Italian company known for its excellence in designing great bathrooms. They have an extensive collection of marvelous minimalist modern bathroom designs and we guarantee you'll find at least one you like. In our gallery we're showcasing some of our own favorite Rexa bathroom designs. These clean, minimalist, and modern bathrooms predo...

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