Architecture Interior Design Ideas

Architecture and Interiors from Xoio

Modern White Office Space with Shag Pile Carpet

Below we will take a look at the awesome architecture and Interiors by the team at Berlin based company Xoio. They are showing samples of their latest designs with contemporary style. They look very extravagant, however much more refined and practical than other home styles. This design can be identified by flat roofs, large glass window, large ove...

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Modern Interior Design Rendered by Rafael Reis

Sophisticated Brown Cream Living Room

These beautiful renders by Rafael Reis show modern designs, where the designer's favorite colors are used in a dynamic and fun way. This design uses big elements like walls, floors and furniture with white and pale neutral colors. Rafael Reis created a lively and enchanting minimalist space. Scroll  down to see our top picks of his modern inte...

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Gleaming Interior Design Ideas by Geometrix

White Dark Wood Living Room with Recessed Ceiling

The following interior designs are from Russian firm Geometrix. They love to put emphasis on modern shapes with small changes that make a big difference. This awesome example of modern interior design are all about open spaces and most importantly clean lines. One of the most prominent designs from Geometrix are multi-functional pieces of furni...

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Contemporary Design of RR House Brazil

Urban Design Stairs in Apartment

Studio Guilherme Torres redesigned this RR House in the Itaim neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. This building consists of two floors. Lower floor houses the living room, surrounded by a large bookshelf and integrated with the kitchen. Home theater and a wide suite bedroom is on the second floor....

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New Modern Interior Design Inspirations

Urban Apartment Kitchen with Dining Table

Polish interior designer Marcin Pajak brings us today's featured gallery of amazing modern interior designs. He uses the latest trends in interior design to create beautiful and comfortable interiors for homes and apartments....

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