Furniture Interior Design Ideas

Romantic Garden Furniture Designs

Unique Romantic Garden Furnitre Design

Home gardens are wonderful places to rest and relax. Creating a romantic atmosphere in a garden isn't overly difficult, and you can find very comfortable and pleasant furniture designs that can complement a romantic setting. Today we're taking a look at a few romantic garden furniture pieces by Corradi. This furniture is perfect for enjoying a g...

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Modern Wooden Dining Table by Protis

Modern Mahogany Round Extandable Dining Table

This smart modern wood dining table is a great example of multi-functional modern furniture that fits well in many homes and apartments. The dining table is easily transformed into a round table, giving comfortable seating positions for up to eight people. Take a quick look at the three best modern wood dining table designs from Protis. Via Pro...

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Colorful Modern Sofa Designs

Blue Red and Yellow Living Room Sofa Sets Ideas

Manufacturer of home furnishings Roche Bobois offers several beautiful sofa collections. One of their extensive collection offers is called Les modern, which unites the best of modern sofa designs with cheerful and stylish colors. Roche Bobois is updating their collection all the time with exciting new models, but in our today's gallery we're t...

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Luxurious and Extravagant Italian Living Room Furniture

Black and Brown Luxury Sofa Design Inspirations

Our showcase gallery today is a masterpiece by a genius furniture maker Sicis Italy and Christian Lacroix. They make very unusual designs  with jewel-like bright colors and drawing inspiration from mosaics. Julien Largentier Maximien sofas and chairs, lounge chairs and companions Jeanne and Belisaire are just some of their most extravagant work...

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15 Modern Shelving Unit Furniture Design Ideas

Awesome Cream Shelves and Sofa with Blue Box Decor

Very few furniture pieces can work as well for bringing a room together as shelves. Modern shelving by Alf da Fre finds fantastic solutions for living rooms that you simply must take a look at. Some of their shelves are wall-attached models, and some separate the room and give you access from two sides. Either of these choices will definitely ...

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Amazing Multi Purpose Furniture for Your Rooms

Wall Beds Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom Living Room

When dealing with limited space in homes, it's not a bad idea to consider multi-purpose furniture. If you're living in a small house or apartment, no doubt you're looking to have as much room as possible, which is why multi-purpose or multi-functional furniture can be a godsend. The gallery today comes from Clei. This furniture is practical, si...

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The Modern Cocoon Shelving System to your Room

Teen Shelving System with Printing Jean Texture Decor

Cocoon shelves are modular and can be adapted to look great in any room or interior deco style. Different patterns, colors and materials can fit any modern living room of bedroom to create additional space, but also serve as a wonderful decorative item. Today we're focusing on some contemporary shelving system "Cocoon", a collection from Ideal F...

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Organizing Furniture and Home Storage Design Ideas

Teenage Storage Closet Ideas

Maximizing the efficiency of small spaces is crucial in small homes. Eliminating clutter is the best way to go about it, and a even if you have a small house you can still find room for the essentials without cluttering it. Pottery Barn helps you organize furniture and small spaces with their stylish furniture and cabinet storage collection. We...

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Best Computer Desk Setups

Studio Music Computer Setup Design

It's not always easy to spend hours upon hours in front of a computer. Those who work on a PC for a living know how difficult it can be to sit for 6 or more hours in front of a screen. Whether you're mixing music, designing websites, programming or simply browsing the web, having a comfortable and pleasant computer desk is extremely important. T...

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Modern LCD TV Cabinets

White TV Cabinet Spazio Box Volumi Design

PiancaItaly launched a new modular storage system that fits beautifully in modern homes. Their modular furniture pieces and cabinets are easily portable and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. These cabinets come in two variations. There's also a unit combined with a TV panel where you can easily install your flat screen. With well-tho...

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