Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Girl Bedroom Designs

Princes Bedroom Design Ideas

The following gallery is a collection from Di Liddo & Perego, Italian manufacturer. These girls bedroom designs are made to look very fancy and luxurious. Tons of girls are dreaming to become princesses, and decorating their room as a fairy tale can often make their environment more pleasant. If you're looking to create a small empire for y...

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Beautiful Pink Baby Crib Design Ideas

Pink Baby Crib Design Inspirations

Pink color is very likely the most suitable one for a baby girl. Your charming little princess will love pink for sure, which is why many parents choose to decorate their nursery in pink-color themes. Today we're featuring a simple pink baby crib and room by Potterybarnkids which can give you some ideas on how you can decorate your nursery as w...

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Special Car Themed Bedrooms by V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel Workshop Themed Bedroom Inspirations

Hotel V8 is a heaven for car enthusiasts. Their room decorations are all car themes and very fitting for anyone who enjoys automobiles. Many of their beds and accessories found in V8 hotel rooms are made from actual cars. This isn't your usual hotel, and a lot of thought went into designing the best car-themed place to sleep. The hotel is built...

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Bright Furniture and Cool Kids Room Designs Ideas

White and Brown Kids Room Decor

We recently saw a new catalog from BM2000. There's a ton of interesting furniture for babies and kids available. Tables, cabinets, beds; all of them feature clever construction and ergonomic designs. Efficiency is also one of the key points, ensuring you will not have a storage problem anymore. We were particularly impressed with cool wallpapers...

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Contemporary Minimalist Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Twin Bed in Teenager Room Inspirations

Teen room must always reflect their daily activities and life. You don't want to restrict their creativity! They need a comfortable place where they can relax, play, do homework, and whatever else kids do when we adults aren't around. Pianca is an Italian company providing very creative solutions for teen bedrooms. These bedrooms can easily sat...

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Tidy & Organized Teen Bedroom Ideas

Yellow Bed and Brown Wall Decoration

Organizing teen bedrooms is not easy. That's why Corazzin designed teen bedroom furniture is that much more impressive. It's designed to require as little cleaning and organizing as possible, giving you and your kids more time to do things you and they enjoy. Attractive furniture solutions make it possible to create a tidy space where teens can ...

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Unique and Bizarre Themed Rooms Decoration

Unique Upside Down Bedroom by Lars Stroschen

The following gallery is a collection of bizarre and unique hotel rooms from the Propeller Island Lodge in Berlin, Germany. This bedroom was designed by Lars Stroschen. It's hard to exactly pinpoint where the designer's inspiration came from, but it's definitely unique and memorable. If you're into interesting artistic designs and love all thing...

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Awesome Bedroom Closets and Wardrobes Design Ideas

Walk in Wardrobe Open Inspiration in Small Bedroom

Are you planning to design a large closet in your bedroom? Today we're focusing on giving your a few awesome ideas on how to incorporate a great looking bedroom closet or wardrobe. When thinking about bedroom closets or wardrobes there are a few things to keep in mind. First you need to measure the room and space requirements for your clothing. ...

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Modern Red And White Teen Room Design Inspirations

Modern Red and White Teen Room Design 2011

Color can affect the mood of your kids, so you must be careful to choose colors that not only reflect them but also ensure they're stimulated properly. Red is an aggressive color which can energize them, but when combined with neutral colors it can be beautiful and relaxing. Today's featured gallery is brought to you by Julia, an Italian compan...

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Purple Teen Room Furniture

Violet and Purple Teen Bedroom Furniture for Small Space

Italian company Clei has showcased new multi-functional furniture for kids with bright color combinations of violet and purple. One of the examples of multi functional design is a bed with hinge at elbow which allows it to be folded and become a part of wardrobe or a desk. Simple, but very useful, especially for teenagers who always need extra s...

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