Fun Bathroom Designs for Kids

To design a kids bathroom doesn’t mean you need to waste too much money. Usually kids are lazy when it comes to taking a bath, therefore we often need something to help motivate them. Making the bathroom look funny and comfortable for kids can easily increase their spirits.

How to make a good kids bathroom design

There are many requirements to making a successful kid bathroom design. First of all you need to ensure everything in the bathroom is safe.

The hard part is choosing a design or theme. Finding your child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero is one of the most common themes, so take a moment to think about what your kid enjoys. Theme should match their age, but whenever possible you should about making the design work for years to come. Kids grow up fast, and what’s fun one day may be old news soon enough.

Kids bathroom furniture should be equally fun. Colorful toilets, towels or curtains are the best. Lively and bright colors are always good choices. As final touches you can consider adding wallpapers or wall stickers.

Be sure to take a look at a few wonderful kid’s bathroom designs in our gallery.

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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