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Fun Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms

Sweet Fairy Wall Stickers Decor

There are many ways on how to decorate a child's room. Kids are cheerful and playful, and their rooms should reflect that. This is something that Not On The Highstreet understood when they created these fun wall stickers for kids rooms. With wall stickers there's no need to get the paintbrushes or start putting up wallpapers. You can easily ad...

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Study Desks for Kids

Yellow Furniture in Grey Kids Study Room

Kids study desk can be important, especially for children who have a hard time getting focused on learning or doing homework. There's a vast number of children study desks on the market, and choosing the right one is not necessarily difficult. We collected a few fun and sturdy study desks for kids that can give you a rough idea on the latest tre...

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Modern and Classic Office Designs of Airbnb

Unique office Design with Wooden Gazebo

Airbnb’s is a popular holiday home rental company that recently made a move into their new San Francisco-based offices. The office located in Potrero Hill was designed by Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi of Garcia-Tamjidi. This interior design is very impressive with light flowing throughout the white open space. Airbnb’s workers are mostly...

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Christmas Interior Decorating Ideas

Wool Round Christmas Decor in Red and Green Color

Beginning of December is the perfect time to think about how to decorate for upcoming Christmas. Typical holiday-themed colors used for Christmas decorations include green and red for the most part, but you can and should mix and match other colors too if it suits your overall interior design theme. Green is a symbol of nature, well-being, hope ...

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Beautiful Sloped Ceiling Design

white living room in loft with slooping ceiling

Modern homes are often built small. Limited room means that floors are frequently built with sloped ceilings to cut down on costs and make the house more appealing from the outside. Sloped ceilings can sometimes give the feeling of a damp, dark and cramped room. Which is why we're showcasing a few fabulously designed sloped ceilings from L4 Wor...

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Modern Kids Room Design Inspirations

Small Kids Room with Modern Storage Ideas

Decorating kids rooms can be a daunting task for some, and very fun for others. Kids always have their own quirky ideas and don't necessarily appreciate matching colors or perfect symmetry, which is exactly why almost anyone can be great at designing a kids room. You can go full in with ridiculous colors, furniture and and deco elements, and a kids...

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Modern Living Room Sofa Sets

White Sofa and Natural Lit Living Room with Black Sofas

There are many ways to fill and decorate your home with furniture and various elements, but a living room sofa set can be one of the most important things you need to consider. You or your guests will be spending a lot of time in a sofa, and it's often a centerpiece of the living room. That's why it's important to choose the right one. You can p...

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Clean Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Modern Loud Colors Living Room Design

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, alone or with friends and family. Creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere is not only about the people we invite. Furniture and style we choose can play a big part in making a living room a hospitable place people enjoy spending time in. Today's gallery features some of our recent top picks for cle...

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Minimalist Modern Kitchens Design by Elmar Cucine

White and Wallnut Furniture Kitchen with Large Glass Wall

We found several fantastic modern kitchen designs by Elmar Cucine. They provide modern design kitchen models based on principles of aesthetics, hygiene, efficiency and functionality. The models they use are minimalist with sharp edges and bold lines. You simply can't go wrong with Elmar Cucine kitchens. These minimalist modern kitchen designs ...

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Modern Bedroom Designs Rendering By Yim Lee

Luxury Bathroom With Wonderful Tiling Ideas

Here are some bedroom decorating ideas from Yim Lee on Flickr which are truly inspiring on how they make great use of the available space. Yim Lee plays well with lighting and colors to liven up the room. The lighting in your beautiful bedroom should be soft and give out positive vibes, and these bedroom designs definitely do it well. We also ve...

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