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Creative Letter-Shaped Shelves

Red Music Shelf Design Inspirations

Shelving solutions with decorations and various ornaments add a dash of style to every home. Thermoformed acrylic letterforms are a great idea for customizable and unique shelves for books, picture frames, or other additions. These shelves are made from individual pieces of acrylics with letters pained on them - they bring a simple yet modern lo...

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Unique Coastal Cave House Design

Unique Kids Bedroom Cave House

This cave house is located in the Mediterranean Sea, Tramuntana region of Majorca. This is the home of famous French furniture and fashion designer Alexandre de Betak. This unique Coastal Cave House consists of two bedrooms, one home theater room, kitchen and living room, and pool with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. As its name implies,...

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Vintage Interior Design from H&M

White and Blue Accents Living Room Design

Classic and vintage style can easily be applied in bedroom, especially the bed. When you find some inspiration, iron gold bed or vintage chairs could be an alternative furniture. Vintage interior design can work in almost any home, but it must always be well thought-out. You can easily find good vintage furniture at yard sales or pawn shops, and...

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Modern Tropical House Carqueija in Brazil

Tropical White House Design Inspirations

This modern tropical house Carqueija is located in Camaçari, Brazil. The house was designed by Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados. The House Carqueija presents the best of modern design, especially adapted to resist the tropical climate. House is designed with two rooms, a chapel and a large and also flexible social room. It utilizes natural...

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Luxury Seaside Residence by Antoni Associates

Unique Second Floor Wall Terrace

This is deluxe SAOTA residence created by Antoni Associates. SAOTA residence almost seems too nice to exist, with beautiful open spaces and luxurious settings. This residence consists of four rooms. Two room for children, one main bedroom and one entertainment room containing home cinema and a gym. This residence also has a pool terrace with bea...

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Stylish and Creative Home Workspaces

Vintage Workspace Deisgn with Sloping Ceiling

With the advent of computers, working from home has definitely become a viable option for millions of people. Having your own home workspace gives you a lot of freedom to design it as you wish, which only makes it that much more important. Having a nicely designed home workspace which promotes productivity is immensely important. Your workplace ...

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Top Affordable Luxury Home Interiors

Wood Panel with Red Accent Living Room Design

Luxury interiors may be almost everyone's dream one day, but they don't necessarily have to be expensive. Spending several paychecks just for a sofa or bed is not an option for most people, but you can still create beautiful luxurious-looking interiors with more affordable furniture. Our gallery today includes our top picks for affordable luxury...

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Modern Winter House Design

White Kitchen Diner with Wood Wall Decor

Everyone wants a warm and cozy home. No one wants to be cold at home in winter season, and a warm home is about more than just heat. Today we're looking at a winter house Casa Codina, located in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. This house uses darker color schemes for creating a warm feel. It's also using wood walls to bring a warm feeling in the...

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Beautiful Backyard Designs

White Patio Furniture Under the Trumpet Flower Tree

A backyard, preferably surrounded by pool and ponds, is the perfect setting for sharing a day with friends and family, or to simply relax in a tranquil environment. Just like the interior of your home, exterior is also a place that can be decorated beautifully. Here are a few pictures from lonnymag by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Pat...

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Modern and Colorful Elementary School Interiors

Pleasant Spaces with Colorful Design

School: some kids love it, some hate it, and all adults wish they could go back. Many researches show that kids are bored in school nowadays. The increasing influence of video games and smartphones results in a lack of social experiences, and that's what schools should be all about: socializing. Making school more fun was the goal of Australian...

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