Interior Design Interior Design Ideas

Spacious Modern House Designs

Clean White Bedroom Interior Design by Reese Roberts

Modern house interiors all focus on simplicity, in both interior design and furniture. The primary focus is always on style, minimalism, simplicity and cleanliness. These are the most important aspects you need to focus on when choosing a modern house design. Minimalist decoration and furniture often provides more space, and spacious rooms alway...

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Amazing Concrete and Wood Loft Design

Wooden Home Office Design with Concrete Ceiling

This amazing loft design is created from scratch by the hands of architect William Tozer. Loft is located in London. Industrial style of the loft was changed to a very interesting style by combining concrete and wood. Concrete ceiling makes it look strong and rugged. All the while the use of wood flooring makes the place seem warm and hopitable. ...

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Gorgeous Black Living Room Designs

Eye Catching Black Interior Living Room Ideas

Black color may not be the prime choice for most people, but black accents in interior add plenty of mysticism and sexuality, depth and rigor. Designers use black accents quite often and to great effect. It depends on the relative proportions of the rest of the colors used, but also whether it's used in public rooms like living room, or private roo...

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White Vintage House in Sweden

White Vintage House Design with Rough Furniture

Vintage design house can be a beautiful thing to design. There are so many shapes and designs and options, and you can refurbish almost any old furniture and it will fit great in a vintage house design. This old house was built in Sweden in 1972, has been renovated since, but still keeps the traditional look. It's very interesting to look at thi...

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Colorful Home Interior Design by Karim Rashid

Mini Toy Fantasy Interior Home Ideas

This home-studio of Karim Rashid (architect, designer, writer) was created in collaboration with his wife, a native of Belgrade. As in all his works, here we have an open, almost childish use of the combination of colors and objects, ensuring an atmosphere of celebration and joy. All the elements create a strong interiors, but in a completely d...

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Home Office Design with Multimedia Library

Exciting Home Office with Multimedia Library Design Ideas

Having a private room that can be used as a home office with a multimedia library is the dream of most people. A home in Brazil created an impressive room as a home office complete with a multimedia library. Block wall with a natural wood accent is the main attraction for the room, while wood floors add warmth. Gadgets are very modern and inev...

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Contemporary Minimalist Modern Residence in Taiwan

Awesome Modern Residence Interior Design Ideas

A residence in Taiwan under the name of Lai Residence is intended for young couples or their new families. This modern minimalist penthouse has two floors, with the upper one being smaller. Residence makes great use of glass sliding doors in bedroom and living room which is very modern. Kitchen and dining room in the residence are all in one ...

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Amazing Interior Designs by Asaf Bakhshiyev

Contemporary Combined Living Room Diner with White Furniture

Young people more and more frequently opt for minimalism. This is often explained as a protest against excessive attachment to decoration that parents had. Whatever the reason, minimalist interior designs are extremely pleasant and have numerous advantages. In today's virtual tour we're taking a look at a few minimalist designs by Asaf Bakhshiy...

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Contemporary Open Plan Apartment Design

Modern White Backsplash Wooden Units Kitchen

Professional decorators always strive for originality, but it should never be more important than good taste. Our gallery today includes 8 of our top picks from interior visualizer Dmitry Kobtsev's portfolio. His wonderful sense of style and taste can be found in every single design. Great matching color combinations, use of wood, cushions and ...

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Lady Decorator: Lynne Beyer – Master of Modern Luxury

Master Luxury Living Room with Brown Leather Sofas

Many of the well-known European and American decorators took over the family tradition, or even talent. Some of their relatives were painters or owners of furniture shops. Lynne Beyer is a second generation certified designer, and the first techniques she learned in the studio of her mother. Despite the "light start", Lynne steadily gained its o...

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