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Contemporary Black & White Apartment With Wood

White Sinks and Furniture Kitchen Design Ideas

This is a contemporary apartment with white and black color theme, but also using many natural wood elements. For interior design, the inside walls are mostly painted white and the outside walls are brick wall decor. Floors are made of natural wood, making the room very warm and livable. Another interesting feature of this apartment is the terra...

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Minimalist Modern Apartment Interior Design by Kwartet Arquitetura

White Circular Dining Table Design

This modern apartment by Kwartet Arquitetura is located in São Paulo, Brazil. The interior is minimalist and features traditional Brazil refinement. The most interesting thing in this apartment is the "travel corner" in the living room, where the owners can display all the souvenirs they bring from their trips. Living room with wood home theate...

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Inside The Modern Digs Of Rackspace Company

Unique Office with Swing to Rest

Working in an office is too frequently a dull and boring event. Offices need to provide a certain amount of creativity and warmth, but still retain an appropriate professional theme. Morgan Lovell architects realize this concept, and made it work in their office design of web hosting company Rackspace. This office consists of three floors. Groun...

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Awesome And Vintage Interior Design with Pink Elements

Vintage Sink Design with White Rose Decor

This beautiful and vintage apartment in Barcelona. The interior is done in sweet colors mostly, in pink, purple, white and red. The style used fresh furniture with vintage details. This house consists of two floor, on the first floor be found living room in one area with Stylish kitchen. 2nd room they have a master bedroom, from here the owner can ...

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Classic and Romantic Wooden White House

White Bedroom with slooping Ceiling and Work Desk

This beautiful white classic and romantic house is located in Norway. The house was build for a small family and consists of two small floors. Classic decoration in the interior is found in every room. All rooms make good use of natural wood and white colors with traditional Scandinavian features....

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Modern Astral Media Office Interior Design

Office Relaxation Space with Comfort Green Couch

This is a modern office of Astral Media located in Montreal, Canada. This office was designed by Lemay Associés from France. The designer optimizes employee interconnectivity in a contemporary style, all the while using elaborate modern furniture....

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Home Design Concepts and Renderings by Dbox

Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room with Chrome Table

The following gallery includes a few awesome architecture designs and concepts from the portfolio of a creative agency Dbox. Here's how Dbox introduce themselves: It was a class we taught called ‘dialog box, Arch 372′ in the mid 90s. To us it meant something about computer visuals being interactive… being narrative. Only just out of college...

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How to Design Open Living & Dining Spaces

The White Luxury Bathroom Overview Inspirations

Open living and dining rooms can easily represent the openness in life. There's no need to separate your kitchen or dining room with the living room, and if you have plenty of space to work with you can easily find a great open space interior design. Let's take a look at some functional open living and dining rooms below....

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Minimalist Scandinavian Interiors with Thrifted Treasures

Yellow Kitchen Lamp Color Inspirations

This lightweight Scandinavian house of thrifted treasures is largely inspired by its location, filled with real treasure and a low-profile form. This "thrifted treasures" house was designed by Living Agency. Urban decor theme and lightweight colors are the main aspects of this interior design. Variety of creative decorative pieces fit well in e...

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Interior Design Ideas: Hangout for the Whole Family

Second Floor Cool Cafe Interior Ideas

Nuca Studio has designed a hangout for the entire family. This Cafe is located in Romania and draws inspiration from vinyl toys and Japanese anime and cartoons. The cafe is equipped with a restaurant and playground. It even has an elephant in the room....

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