Cool College Dorm Room Ideas

Most of the time the college dorm is the first time a young adult is out on their own and can decorate their own living space. The college dorm room can be on campus or off campus but the general space is usually the same. Most college dorm rooms don’t have too much room to work with but can be optimized to fit everything you need in there. Most college students don’t get the luxury of a king or even queen size bed. Most dorm rooms will only fit a full or twin size bed, but you can still make it an awesome dorm room.

A dorm room usually only consist of a bed, a microwave, a desk and if the student is lucky, and a few other essential college items. Since dorm rooms don’t have much space you have to work vertically to fit all your living needs inside it. Here are some great door room design ideas so you can enjoy your college experience better.

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