23 Fabulous Dining Rooms

The dining room is the room that entertains our guests the most. When we have guests over to eat food, it’s usually done in the dining room. The dining room is even used as a daily spot for family dinners. This room can be a very important part of your house. Most dining rooms have specific pieces that make them the dining room.

Dining Room Table

The dining room table is the table that you eat the food on. This can be a variety of materials including, wood, granite, plastic, and more. It can be square, rectangle and many other shapes that fit the room best. When choosing a dining room table you need to keep in mind the space you have to work with as well as how many guests you anticipate. Obviously most of us cannot choose the size of our dining room and must work with what we have. A general 5-6 person dining room table is usually a good standard and fits in most rooms.

Dining Room Chairs

The dining room chairs are what our guests/family will sit in when we are eating food or hanging out in the dining room. These usually match the table and most of the time will come with dining room table. They can be decorate similarly to the table in many different ways.


Most dining rooms have a main lighting piece above the dining room table. As you can see in the pictures below it can be normal lighting, a grand chandelier, or simple lamp lighting. The lighting of the dining room is very important to the feel you have when eating your meals. If you like an upbeat feel, some warm lighting may better fit your style. Some people go for the natural lighting and make their dining room with lots of windows for some great natural light.

These are the basic pieces of the dining room. Of course, many people choose to go further and add wall pictures of the family, couches, more seating, TVs and more. The choice is yours and yours alone! We are only here to give you great ideas for your dining room design, so here are some great pictures of fabulous dining rooms that have some pizazz!

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