Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Modern Small Bathroom Designs

Bright White Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small baths can still feel spacious when designed with creativity. Choosing the right furniture, equipment and fittings is crucial, as is thoughtful planning of space and a considered emphasis on dimensions. We invite you to check these several great ideas on how to make the most of a small bathroom and these pictures should inspire you. Via: Ul...

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Modern and Stylish Bathroom Design

Sonia Nouveau Bathroom with Black Sink Backsplash

Bathrooms are the most private of places in our homes. We actually spend quite a great deal of time in bathrooms, so why not spend more time thinking about how to decorate it. Bathrooms are often a place of relaxation and it's immensely important that we feel completely comfortable in them. Today's gallery showcases a few modern stylish bathroom...

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Gorgeous Modern & Vintage Bathrooms

White and Grey Cooler Toned Bathroom

Have a look at these gorgeous modern bathrooms that combine vintage with modern by Art-Tic Design Studio. Their concepts are very contemporary and luxurious! The floor and the walls are done with clash warm toned tiles. Despite modern themes, these bathrooms have a noticeably vintage but stylish look. There's even a dash of luxury with the use ...

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Awesome Big Bathroom in Victorian Style

Modern Brown Bathroom with Glass Wall Separate

Big bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular lately. Taking a private and relaxing bath after a long day at work is always more pleasurable in larger open space. Today we're looking at a contemporary bathroom with a dash of Victorian style, including a classic bathtub....

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High Tech White Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern and Hi Tech White Bathroom Inspirations

This modern high-tech bathroom design we're looking at today was created by Arlexitalia company. It's almost completely white, representing cleanliness and freshness that we so desperately seek in modern bathrooms. The most impressive aspect of this futuristic/modern bathroom are lights which are built in various furniture and accessories, creat...

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Unique and Creative Themed Bathtub Ideas

Unique Yellow Cab Themes for Modern Bath

Andrey Bondarenko is a designer from Ukraine, trying to show a simple concept can translate into an extraordinary design. He tried to take a simple bathtub, apply some color and a theme to make it truly unique. We're pleased to say he most certainly succeeded. These unique and creative bathtubs are made for fun, but they can even be placed into...

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Contemporary and Luxury Black Bathroom Furniture Designs

Round Mirror in Black Furniture Bathroom with Square Red Rugs

Black bathroom furniture just screams of elegance and style (when done well). We found a few magnificent contemporary luxury black bathrooms by Stemik living, which are definitely worth sharing with our readers. We especially liked glossy black doors paired with an aluminum frame, and a white sink combined with black glass furniture. If you alw...

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Modern Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple Black and White Bathroom Design with Stainless Stell Storage

Using a combination of black and white is most commonly found in modern or contemporary interior designs. Bathrooms are the one place in everyone's home where using black and white is easily applied, and can be effective no matter how the rest of your house looks like. We gathered a few inspiring modern black and white bathroom designs by  eX....

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Stylish Black & White Bathroom Design

Modern White Sinks Design Ideas

Black and white bathrooms are the staple of modern interior decorating style. It appears clean and combining these two colors is easy even if you're picking all furniture yourself. Below is one seriously cool black and white bathroom design from Noken. This bathroom is very elegant, and uses a combination of modern glossy wall cabinets and strip...

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Small but Spacious Bathtubs for Tight Spaces

White Small Bathroom Design Sprino

For modern living, spacious bathrooms are not always important. Residential areas don't always provide lots of room for large homes, and space can often be limited. Bathtubs are very important for many people. It's a great place to relax after a hard working day and enjoy the peace and quiet. Small changes to any bathroom should provide enough s...

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