Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom with Traditional and Modern Materials

Nice Bathrooms from Neutra with Simple twin Wastafel

Bathroom designs from Neutra are quite inspiring. Their fusion of traditional and modern styles are a thing to behold and certainly novel. Neutra's contemporary bathroom designs have the feeling of modern, while also using traditional materials and patters making it look more natural and familiar. Couple that with wallpaper designs of forests o...

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Top 10 Wildly Unique and Artistic Bathrooms

Unique And Exotic Stone Wall Bathroom by Arkiden124

We featured all kinds of common bathroom designs and concepts, but today we're just showcasing designs that mostly don't fit into any particular category. These 10 unique artistic designs are works of art that will make the jaw drop on anyone visiting your bathroom. There's no reason why having those few moment of privacy can't be a pleasant exp...

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Minimalist Modern Bathroom Design Ideas from Rexa

Simple Modern Bathroom with Twin Wastafel from Rexa

Rexa is an Italian company known for its excellence in designing great bathrooms. They have an extensive collection of marvelous minimalist modern bathroom designs and we guarantee you'll find at least one you like. In our gallery we're showcasing some of our own favorite Rexa bathroom designs. These clean, minimalist, and modern bathrooms predo...

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Amazing and Cool Bathrooms A Labode

Top Design Aryan Villa Beautiful Spa Bath Brick Walls

This time the designers have know the bathroom for the concept of a tranquil comfortableness, they are very exotic comfort and value in the bathroom. Details are very visible, and all the components are very clean. Bright colors became an important concern because it adds to the harmony design. Scroll to savour.....

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Artistic and Unique Bathroom Designs by Semsa Bilge and Daymon Studio

Purple and White Graphic Wall Print Bathroom with Black Rug

Modern with a lot of style, full of colors to make your bathroom stand out from the rest -- that's essentially the bathroom designs we're showcasing today! From a selection of many, we picked only 11 artistic and unique bathroom designs, created by Turkish designer Semsa Bilge and also Polish designers from Daymon Studio. Their respective we...

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25 Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas

Super Classy Bathroom with Brown Rug

Bathtubs, cabinets, accessories, showers, rugs, lightning. It's a lot of things to consider if you want to design your own bathroom, so it's no surprise that people are always looking for existing solutions. Today you're in luck, because we decided to showcase 25 unique and creative bathroom designs that will provide you with some much needed in...

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Home Spa Experience: 25 Stunning Modern Bathrooms

Top Design Modern Bathrooms with Personal Touch

Luxury is always in style, it's just a question whether you can afford it. As a private place that's supposed to also be relaxing, bathrooms can still get overlooked when it comes to great design, but not today. If you're looking for a full blown spa experience in your own home, then be sure to take a good look at some of our selected bathroom d...

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Charming and Stylish Bathrooms from Delpha

Shining and Modern Bathroom Design from Delpha

Bathrooms are supposed to be private and relaxing places, so why not add a splash of style to them! In today's gallery we have a selection of beautiful, charming and stylish bathrooms by Delpha. Inspired by urban interiors, baroque, natural as well as pop culture themes, the idea is that the tub is the central point, and all bathroom equipment a...

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Beautiful and Comfortable Bathroom Design Ideas by Pearl Baths

View Leaf Bathroom Design Ideas by Pearl Baths

Pearl Baths provide contemporary but also traditional bathtub designs that are unlikely to go unnoticed. These designs have a rich mix of colors and textures that help you enjoy a quiet bath in a perfectly relaxed setting. If you're looking to remodel your bathroom or even build one from scratch, these are the bathtubs that may be just what you'...

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Beautiful and Awesome Modern Bathtubs by BluBleu

Timber Finish Bathtub with Small Rugs by BluBleu

Italian company BluBleu‘s mission is to visualize the bathroom as an area for pleasure and relaxation, and their design concepts tend to reflect this philosophy. We're no strangers to modern and designer bathtubs here at Ghoofie and always enjoy a well designed modern tub that provides a relaxing experience, so we dove in and found a few more ...

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