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Gorgeous House Design Ideas in Beverly Hills

Modern Luxurious Home Design in Beverly Hills

The house is located at 1705 Hard Angelo in Beverly Hills. The house was built in 1956. But has now been renovated into a modern and comfortable residence. This house has a courtyard in the middle of the building that is used for swimming pool and relax. The whole room in this house has access to the central courtyard. So the central courtyard ...

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Awesome Modern Small Bathroom Design

Bright White Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small baths can live spacious when designed with creative. Choosing the right furniture, equipment, and fittings is key, as is thoughtful spacing planning and a considered emphasis on dimensions. We invite you to check the great ideas on how to make the most of a small bathroom and these pictures should inspire you. Via: Ulaluls, Rusu Ruslan, M...

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Amazing Loft Design with Combination Concrete and Wood

Wooden Home Office Design with Concrete Ceiling

An amazing loft design is created from the hand of architect William Tozer. Loft is located in London. Industrial style changed to a very interesting style by combining combination of concrete and wood. Using a concrete ceiling so it looks strong and rugged. While the use of wood flooring that is warmer. On combination of concrete walls and woo...

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Gorgeous Black Interior Living Room Design

Eye Catching Black Interior Living Room Ideas

What associations makes you black? Not the most pleasant? But the black accents in the interior adds even mysticism and sexuality, the depth and rigor. And the designers use them quite often. It all depends in what proportions relative to the rest of the colors they are used. And also - in the public rooms of the house and whether black, the chosen...

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10 Creative Furniture Ideas to The Modern Concept

Wooden Table with Wine Display Design Ideas

Today many modern furniture products offered, but only some of which are unique. Here we show some examples of modern furniture design, a unique, sophisticated and interesting. Any furniture that is made using a high creative ideas and also calculation without diminishing the sense of beauty. The following examples of furniture in addition to the u...

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