15 Smashing Dorm Room Designs From IKEA

IKEA doesn’t need much of an introduction. This world-renowned furniture company has been the highlight of many homes regardless of design style.

If you’re looking for quality furniture with a great design for any room in your house IKEA will have something amazing to offer, but today we’re going beyond our homes and looking at ways to make the most out of your own or your kid’s dorm rooms.

Dorm rooms are particularly hard to design well, as you’re working with limited space with specific requirements. One of the most important things to keep in mind for dorm rooms is that you have limited space to work with, so you shouldn’t add any unnecessary furniture.

Since it’s supposed to also be a place to study, having a small but comfortable work space is a necessity, and a simple desk and chair will often be enough. Make sure to make it clutter-free so it will be easier to focus on studying without any distractions.

Pretty much the only other thing required is a comfortable bed, and IKEA always has a ton of choices. Computer desks, work desk, drawers, desk lamp, folded linens, bedding, pillows and more and spotlighted in our IKEA dorm room designs gallery.

Choose from a variety of colors and sizes and see what suits the taste and budget of your student!

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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