Sliding Closet Doors & Carpets in a Bedroom

To make a more stunning and exclusive look for your closet, you can apply Sliding Closet Doors with carpets. The carpet can grab some attention since it gives a striking look for the closet and the whole room. They should have the right color and position; it can be in front of the sliding closet door, under the sliding closet door or inside the closet. Here are some bedroom closets with sliding doors and carpets that we found.

Sliding Closet Door Carpet Positioning

After we looked at quite a few pictures of carpets used with sliding closet doors, we found some common color characteristics. Usually the colors of the carpet are in one color family of the interiors, such as brown or yellow carpet for wooden closet. We also found they’re often in contrast colors compared to the interiors, such as black carpet for white closet with glass sliding doors. Sometimes they’re in dramatic color combinations, such as red carpet for white closet. With these colors schemes and combinations, your Sliding Closet Door Carpet┬ácan give surprising decoration.

Sliding Closet Door Carpet Positioning

The carpet is commonly in front of the sliding doors, or inside the closet, especially for walk-in closets. Sliding closet doors over carpet gives a striking decoration for both outside and inside. The carpet added in front of the closet should be friendly and match your bed, while the carpet inside the closet should be in line with a chair or sofa you might have in the room.

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