Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Modern and Stylish Bathroom Design

Sonia Nouveau Bathroom with Black Sink Backsplash

Bathrooms are the most private of places in our homes. We actually spend quite a great deal of time in bathrooms, so why not spend more time thinking about how to decorate it. Bathrooms are often a place of relaxation and it's immensely important that we feel completely comfortable in them. Today's gallery showcases a few modern stylish bathroom...

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Beautiful Rustic Italian Villa

Rustic Open Dining Room Villa Ideas

This beautiful rustic Italian villa is the perfect place to book a stay in Italy. It's located on the private areas of Castello di Reschio, run by Count Antonio Bolza as well as second generations of his family, in the lush Umbrian countryside. This is one of its most exclusive places in Italy. The most famous part of Castello di Reschio is gre...

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Computer Desks for Kids & Geeks

Sailor Moon Colector in Workspace

PC gaming is definitely considered mainstream today, which is why many young people and kids often decorate their PC desks with various cartoon, anime or superhero themes. Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Manga, Gundam Action Figure, Start Trek, Disney, Captain America, Iron Man and other similar action figurines or posters are too often found near...

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Awesome Restored Turn Of The Century House Ideas

Warm Living Room with Purple Sofa and Fireplace Mantels

This is fascinating new century house design. This house located in Svalnäs in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. The awesome house was originally built in 1909. It was reconstructed in 2010 to bring it in line with new elegant trends and fresh condition. This house consists of three floors and basement. Ground floor houses the living room, kitchen...

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Beautiful Water Playground in Tychy, Poland

Parametric Structure Based on Shifted Sine Waves Sketch

This is a mini water playground in Tychy, Poland, designed to help kids cool off on a warm summer’s day! This playground enables kids to enjoy a 30cm-deep paddling pool! Description from the architect: One of the main design intent was to match the water playground into the landscape. Location and contour of the basin suited to the existing ...

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Luxury Residential Unit Design Inspiration

Wooden Floor and Furniture Design Apartment

This Mount East Flat luxury residential unit is located in Hong Kong, China. It offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong city with modern stylish and retro classic design. The kitchen and living room has an open and social plan with a dining table as a separator. The living room has cool balconies, high windows that provide incredible light. The p...

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Minimalist Apartment Interior in Amsterdam

Small Attic Bedroom Apartment Ideas

This stylish minimalist loft apartment with total area of ​​1,290 square foot is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It's in a very quiet location with fabulous views. The classic houses that have been redrawn by the Laura Alvarez Architecture offers apartment on two levels with special elements of ancient building. On the ground floor is...

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Contemporary Black & White Interior Inspirations

Simple Black White Living Room with Net Chairs

Black and white are the two most simple of colors. These colors have always been a characteristically frequent color combination in modern interior design. The reason why black and white colors work well in modern interiors is because of simplicity. Below we will take a look some contemporary black white interior inspirations. Check this out! ...

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Modern Seaside Residence Interior Ideas

White Kitchen Countertops Design

This is a modern sea shell residence by the team at Israel-based studio Lanciano Design. Lightweight colors and clean design and atmosphere are found all around this fantastic seaside residence located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel! House spans across 7,500 square feet, and features beautiful living areas and social open floor plan. Invi...

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