Architecture Interior Design Ideas

Bright and White Swedish Home Design Ideas

White Living Room Swedish Home with Cow Print Rugs

Construction and architecture from Sweden is known for their ultra-modern style. Below is a Swedish house design with dominant white walls, wood flooring, simple furniture as well as useful, practical accessories that symbolizes the original Swedish lifestyle. If you're looking to decorate your home in a Swedish or Scandinavian style, our galler...

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Living Room Entertainment Setups with Scandinavian Touch

Warm Tech Living Room with Great Lighting

Scandinavian living rooms set up as entertainment centers of your home are becoming more and more popular over the past few years. Simple modern furniture and cozy atmosphere predominates Scandinavian living rooms. When the winter comes, Scandinavians know how important it is to feel good and comfortable in our living rooms. Placing a TV and oth...

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Modern Style Decor for Classic Girls Room Design

Twin Bed Classic Room with Green Floral Bedspread

Blending modern and classic interior decoration styles is not impossible. Girls bedrooms are often a place where you can get creative and fuse different styles and use a variety of decorative items. Bright furniture can easily spark the imagination of young girls, and provide them with a place they'll love spending time in. Classic furniture pai...

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Awesome Indoor Pool Designs

Small Rooftop Pools Design Inspirations

Swimming pools inside homes are usually a symbol of luxury. If you can afford it, having a private pool at home can offer plenty of privacy and let you swim whenever you like. To build a swimming pool in your home you will need plenty of space, but also plenty of money. But, it's most certainly worth it. There's nothing better for relaxing after...

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Modern Artistic Small & Cozy Rooms for Kids

Urban Teen Study Desk Design Inspirations

We don't always have unlimited space to build a room of our dreams. When it comes to our kids, we always do our best to provide them with a comfortable and creative environment. Today we're showcasing a few modern rooms for kids which are small and cozy, yet creative and artistic enough to feel like a proper home. If you're looking to decorate a...

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Best IKEA Bedroom Decorations

Modern Bedroom with Clothes Decoration from IKEA

IKEA is known to make quality bedrooms with modern styles which simply work well in any home. If you don't feel inspired to create your own unique bedroom, IKEA always has plenty of different designs that you can use without worrying whether it "fits" or not. The main theme of these IKEA bedrooms are plenty of plastic storage racks, long curtain...

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Modern Nursery and Kids Room Furniture Ideas

White Violet and Blue Kids Color Ideas

The following is a collection from furniture producer Kibuc. You can find lots of nice as well as modern items to complete your baby's room, or young children or adolescents. These modern nursery rooms are in various styles with different mixtures of colors. Whatever your preferences are, we're certain you will find a nursery room you will love ...

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IKEA Living Rooms Inspiration Ideas

White IKEA Living Room with Polkadot Sofa Design

IKEA living room designs are always trendy and beautiful. With this bright and white IKEA living room design we're featuring today you will surely not be disappointed. Wide shelf along the wall, lots of storage, hanging lamps, these are just some decorative elements that we enjoyed in this living room. These charming living rooms are in differen...

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