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Contemporary House Design: Skatepark in Your Home

Unique Interior Home Design with Skatepark and Piano Rooms

The house is located in Tokyo, Shibuya, Sendagaya, Japan. The designer LEVEL Architects make this house at the request of the owner. The owners are a young married couple. The couple's hobby is skateboarding and playing the piano. It does not take a car parking garage, the couple is more concerned with their hobby. The building is modern-style hous...

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Bar and Lounge Design – It’s Time to Realize Your Dream

Awesome Furniture Allure Nightclub

Bar and lounge design are various. you can find so many types of bar and lounge design from the internet. you can find the simple one, the Hawaiian one, the western one, till the futuristic one. moreover, it's easy also to find the design from the internet. what you have to do is typing the keyword on the search engine box, and find it. if you want...

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Making Amazing Kids Bedrooms is Not Difficult

Yellow White Kids Room with Ceiling Light

Amazing kids bedrooms gallery can be found easily from the internet. Get more than thousand amazing kids bedrooms gallery to be explored. If you wish to make amazing bedrooms for your kids, then internet is the best source for you. Just type on the search engine what kind of amazing bedrooms you want to have. In internet, you can find various kind ...

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Mesmerizing Beach House Design in Phuket, Thailand

Ultra Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with Luxurious Furniture

The house is located on the eastern coast of the land precisely in Phuket Thailand. The design house is quite luxurious and spacious. With seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms that can accommodate many people. This home has a very beautiful beach view. In the front yard of this house there is a swimming pool and spacious luxury. The entrance to the h...

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Modern Minimalist White And Brown Kitchen Inspirations

Brown White Kitchen with Black Floor Design

White And Brown Kitchen is alternative if we are bored with condition of our kitchen. But some people say that kind of that kitchen is dirty quickly and they do not have much time to clean they kitchen. But all we need is to be always cleaning our kitchen. And that applicable for every kind of kitchen no matter what the color, what the furniture, a...

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8 Dashing Kids Bedrooms Collection from Cia International

Modern Minimalist Teen Bedroom Design with Ceiling Light

Yume is another large assemblage of progeny bedroom furnishings from well renowned Italian manufacturer. As habitually the assemblage feautres the furnishings as for young men as for girls. There are 4 children of bedroom designs: latest tendency, natural, technic and romantic. Fashionable furnishings is large for more older childs because of br...

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Contemporary Breezy House Design with Beautiful Yards

Modern Minimalist House with Contemporary Pool Design Ideas

The house was completed by the architectural firm of Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. The house is located in Zapopan, Mexico's modern minimalist style. With the basic ingredients of concrete and wood, the architect designed the house with an interesting shape. This is perfect most of the summer because the house has a high ceiling so it feels more bre...

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Amazing Mushroom Lamp Designs Inspired by Nature

Magic Mushroom Lamp Design Decor

This mushroom lamps is designed by Japanese firm. These innovative lamps were on shows at Design Festa 2010 in Tokyo Japan. The innovation is not hard and genial: lamps are like mushrooms developing out of the base. In case you do not want so much light-weight you can take one and use remnant of the foundation as a shelf. The lamps mushroom is ...

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Appealing Stylish Residence in New Delhi

Amazing Contemporary Residence Design Ideas with Unique Shaped

This is one masterpiece of Morphogenesis. Residence is located in New Delhi, India. Residence is very stylish. Unique shape of the building makes its own appeal. There is also a swimming pool with elongated shape. In this residence there is an indoor garden that becomes one with the open plan living room. There is an outdoor patio with a beautiful ...

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