Best Living Room TV Setups

Entertainment is an inevitable part of everyone’s life, and the truth is many of spend a massive amount of time sitting in front of a TV. I’m sure everyone can agree that being comfortable while watching TV is perhaps even more important than what we’re actually watching, so picking the right furniture and layout shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Today we’ll look into a few living room setups where the television set is the focal point, and see what to look for when making your own layout. The photos we selected are mostly of rooms with limited space, where it’s even more difficult to attain the right setup where you can easily spend a few hours sitting.

Watching a 2 hour movie will certainly be more pleasant if you’re comfortable, so the things you need to consider is having an optimal TV size, speaker placement, and even the couch or sofa you’re sitting on. There’s no point in buying a 70 inch TV if you’re going to sit a meter in front of it on a kitchen chair, so make sure you think about your living room layout in advance and ensure all the elements and furniture can fit without it looking clumped up.

Living room TV setups can be the deciding factor whether those 2 hours spent watching the latest Avengers will be enjoyable and relaxing, or not. Spend some time going through our selected photos and see if you can get any good ideas on how to remodel your own living room for the most optimal TV setup.

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