Best Bunk Bed Designs For Teenagers and Kids

Working with limited space, especially in teen or kid bedrooms, can be a daunting task. Teenagers these days are always limited in one way or another, so having plenty of space in their bedrooms is important.

Unfortunately that’s not always a possibility, and in smaller bedrooms you may need to save space in various ways. One of the best ways though, especially if you have two kids sharing the same bedroom, is to get a loft bed, or more commonly referred to as bunk bed.

Bunk beds are a convenient way to save a large amount of space in smaller bedrooms, so consider them if you want to make it cozy yet still functional.

A huge upside to bunk beds is that kids absolutely love them! There’s not a kid in the world who doesn’t like climbing trees, and getting a similar feeling in their bedrooms may be just the thing you need to help put them to sleep.

So if you require extra space and want your kid’s bedrooms as playful as possible, make sure to consider bunk beds. Our gallery includes several popular types giving you plenty of ideas so take a look below.

You can click on the gallery images below to load them full sized in a new page:
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