Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Modern Red And White Teen Room Design Inspirations

Modern Red and White Teen Room Design 2011

Color can affect the mood of your kids, so you must be careful to choose colors that not only reflect them but also ensure they're stimulated properly. Red is an aggressive color which can energize them, but when combined with neutral colors it can be beautiful and relaxing. Today's featured gallery is brought to you by Julia, an Italian compan...

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Purple Teen Room Furniture

Violet and Purple Teen Bedroom Furniture for Small Space

Italian company Clei has showcased new multi-functional furniture for kids with bright color combinations of violet and purple. One of the examples of multi functional design is a bed with hinge at elbow which allows it to be folded and become a part of wardrobe or a desk. Simple, but very useful, especially for teenagers who always need extra s...

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Beautiful White Loft Design Inspirations

White Loft Living Room with Red and White Furniture

Milan, London and Paris are always a great source of inspiration for loft designs. A fusion of both modern and classic, with bookshelves as a barrier between spaces and use of furniture in every corner, is always elegant and pleasant. Today's featured gallery comes from airbnb and miresparis. Take a look at these white loft designs and get insp...

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Red and Green Loft Design Ideas

Simple Rows of Shevles in Paris Loft

Loft designs are typically not complex. More often than not they're wide and relatively empty spaces with limited furniture and decoration. But that doesn't mean it should look empty! Our featured designs today include a red and green loft design ideas. Separating spaces with bookcases or other objects can often make the place look more tidy. Ad...

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Awesome Roof Gardens Decoration Ideas

Urban Landscape Roofdeck Ginko Biloba and Abstract Sculpture

We came across some awesome roof garden decoration from MyLandscapes design, London. It doesn't matter whether you are a city dweller or live in the village, everyone enjoys a garden. Garden is a place where you can sit in peace, relax and reflect on your days. Gardens are certainly not uncommon in provincial areas, but they can be difficult to ...

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AOL’s New Palo Alto Headquarters

New AOL Office Cafetaria Boths

AOL may not be the big company it once was in certain aspects, but they're certainly not behind of times in corporate office designs. AOL's new headquarters in Palo Alto, California, is in some ways inspired and reminds of offices of other big tech companies. Studio O + A was in charge of AOL's new look. These spaces and offices draw inspiratio...

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Modern and Futuristic Black and White Apartment

White and Grey Bathroom with Glass Wall Design

Modern and futuristic black and white apartment designs are the theme for our today's featured gallery. Combination of black and white is most commonly seen in modern and luxury apartment designs. It looks very elegant and spacious. This gallery by Geometrix company will most certainly give you something to think about. These unique black and w...

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Modern Kitchen Open Design with Few Pops of Color

White and Wood Kitchen Open to Living Room TV Set

Modern kitchen nowadays usually means an open design. Open kitchen designs allow you and others to freely enter and exit the room from your dining room or breakfast nook. With a modern open kitchen design you are not separated from people. A sense of community grows, as there is no insulation between rooms. Today's featured gallery of open ki...

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Modern and Beautiful White Interior Decoration

Great White Dining Area Design 2011

White is a versatile colors. It indicated freshness and brightness, and gives you no shortage of ideas. It's clean and modern, but without that special touch it can often feel bland and sterile. If you only want to use white in your interior designs, be sure to use it properly. Nobody likes visiting doctors or dentist's officers, and predominant...

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Contemporay Dining Room Furniture

Team 7 Cool Dining Set Window Focal Point

Contemporary dining room and furniture designs by Team 7 is the focus of our gallery today. They make all types of furniture using high quality natural wood such as Canadian maple and Kalimantan wood. These types of wood give some much needed meaning to your modern space. Dining room with modern chandeliers and silhouettes is the best way to s...

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