Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Smart Two-Kids Bedroom Designs by LineaD

Yellow and Pink Bunk Beds for Three Girls Design

The main feature of a children's room for two is the need to provide adequate learning and working space for each child. The bedroom should have a lot of practical place for storing clothes, books as well as toys. Whenever possible you should consider separating their private places to avoid any potential infighting between your kids The followi...

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Contemporary Versatile Designs by Hieu Nguyen

White Living Room with Brick Wall and Red Accents

The following collection comes from designer Hieu Nguyen. Nguyen’s work is nearly perfect, as these products are made with great finishing and flexibility. Muted colors but also the use of vibrant ones like citrus, and using warm wood accents creates a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This gallery includes several living rooms and bedrooms,...

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Creative After Matisse Rug Design Ideas

White Living Room with Pink Chair and Colorful Rugs

Matisse Rug is created from a playful collage of 26 hand dyed wools. The materials are derived from pure New Zealand wool. These matisse carpets are made in irregular shapes, and colorful rugs brighten any room they're placed in. These "After Matisse" rugs are created by British rug designer Sonya Winner. Take a look below!...

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Awesome Photo Wallpapers Design Ideas

Stylish Bathroom with Waterfall Wallpaper Ideas

The following collection of photo wallpapers was created by designer Eazywallz. If you're looking for something very much unique for your kitchen or living room, these wallpapers/wall stickers are a wonderful choice of decoration. You might prefer a personal photo mural, images of nature or fine art prints, but everything can look great as long...

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The Modern Cocoon Shelving System to your Room

Teen Shelving System with Printing Jean Texture Decor

Cocoon shelves are modular and can be adapted to look great in any room or interior deco style. Different patterns, colors and materials can fit any modern living room of bedroom to create additional space, but also serve as a wonderful decorative item. Today we're focusing on some contemporary shelving system "Cocoon", a collection from Ideal F...

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Modern Stylish Living Rooms Inspirations

White Living Room with Graphic Prints on the Wall and Pillows

No matter if you're into Japanese interior decorating or a touch of rustic, building a modern and stylish living room is easy. You can choose from an endless variety of furniture and decorative elements to create your perfect modern living room. Most of modern living room designs have one thing in common: lots of space. Large rooms are best suit...

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Bright and White Swedish Home Design Ideas

White Living Room Swedish Home with Cow Print Rugs

Construction and architecture from Sweden is known for their ultra-modern style. Below is a Swedish house design with dominant white walls, wood flooring, simple furniture as well as useful, practical accessories that symbolizes the original Swedish lifestyle. If you're looking to decorate your home in a Swedish or Scandinavian style, our galler...

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Living Room Entertainment Setups with Scandinavian Touch

Warm Tech Living Room with Great Lighting

Scandinavian living rooms set up as entertainment centers of your home are becoming more and more popular over the past few years. Simple modern furniture and cozy atmosphere predominates Scandinavian living rooms. When the winter comes, Scandinavians know how important it is to feel good and comfortable in our living rooms. Placing a TV and oth...

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Modern Style Decor for Classic Girls Room Design

Twin Bed Classic Room with Green Floral Bedspread

Blending modern and classic interior decoration styles is not impossible. Girls bedrooms are often a place where you can get creative and fuse different styles and use a variety of decorative items. Bright furniture can easily spark the imagination of young girls, and provide them with a place they'll love spending time in. Classic furniture pai...

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Awesome Indoor Pool Designs

Small Rooftop Pools Design Inspirations

Swimming pools inside homes are usually a symbol of luxury. If you can afford it, having a private pool at home can offer plenty of privacy and let you swim whenever you like. To build a swimming pool in your home you will need plenty of space, but also plenty of money. But, it's most certainly worth it. There's nothing better for relaxing after...

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