Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Orange and Pink Low Pad Bed Design

Orange and Pink Main Bedroo Color Ideas

The following orange and pink low pad bed design comes from German furniture designer Peter Maly. Peter Maly created this low pad bed design with unusual orange and pink color combination. While these colors are certainly not ones you'd expect to go well with one another, they most certainly do. This just goes to show that with some creativity ...

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Modern White and Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

White Bedroom Storage Design Ideas

Purple is the color of royalty, and incorporating it into your bedroom can represent style, comfort and wealth. If those are the things you value in life, having a purple bedroom will definitely work for you. We found a well-designed modern white and purple bedroom by Diotti that looks very luxurious and minimalistic, so if you're looking for a...

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Best Elegant Bedroom Designs

Modern Bedrooms with Plant make Natural

Bedrooms need to be comfortable, and reflect our own preferences and design choices. Choosing an elegant bedroom design is a matter of one's personal taste, and what may seem good to you can easily be less than ideal to others. Nevertheless, we gathered a few elegant bedroom designs from Answeredesign that we think will suit almost anyone. Ch...

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Amazing Multi Purpose Furniture for Your Rooms

Wall Beds Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom Living Room

When dealing with limited space in homes, it's not a bad idea to consider multi-purpose furniture. If you're living in a small house or apartment, no doubt you're looking to have as much room as possible, which is why multi-purpose or multi-functional furniture can be a godsend. The gallery today comes from Clei. This furniture is practical, si...

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Unique and Creative Themed Bathtub Ideas

Unique Yellow Cab Themes for Modern Bath

Andrey Bondarenko is a designer from Ukraine, trying to show a simple concept can translate into an extraordinary design. He tried to take a simple bathtub, apply some color and a theme to make it truly unique. We're pleased to say he most certainly succeeded. These unique and creative bathtubs are made for fun, but they can even be placed into...

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Contemporary and Luxury Black Bathroom Furniture Designs

Round Mirror in Black Furniture Bathroom with Square Red Rugs

Black bathroom furniture just screams of elegance and style (when done well). We found a few magnificent contemporary luxury black bathrooms by Stemik living, which are definitely worth sharing with our readers. We especially liked glossy black doors paired with an aluminum frame, and a white sink combined with black glass furniture. If you alw...

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Modern Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple Black and White Bathroom Design with Stainless Stell Storage

Using a combination of black and white is most commonly found in modern or contemporary interior designs. Bathrooms are the one place in everyone's home where using black and white is easily applied, and can be effective no matter how the rest of your house looks like. We gathered a few inspiring modern black and white bathroom designs by  eX....

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Stylish Black & White Bathroom Design

Modern White Sinks Design Ideas

Black and white bathrooms are the staple of modern interior decorating style. It appears clean and combining these two colors is easy even if you're picking all furniture yourself. Below is one seriously cool black and white bathroom design from Noken. This bathroom is very elegant, and uses a combination of modern glossy wall cabinets and strip...

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Cool Student Room Design Ideas

Students Bedroom Furniture with Wood Baseball Bat Ideas

Every student needs a comfortable place to sleep, learn, and hang out with friends. Designing a clean and pleasant bedroom for students is not very hard, but it most certainly is important to them. Korean manufacturer Hanssem makes different furniture sets, including beds, desks, wardrobes, drawers and other furniture. Their furniture designs a...

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Kids Wall Decoration Ideas

Modern Wall Sticker Cartoon 3D Design By Acte Deco

Below you can see some wall sticker designs by Acte Deco especially made for kids. Brightly colored cartoon themes for walls easily personalize the space and give the kids plenty of joy. It's a very inexpensive and easy do it yourself project if you want to brighten up your kids room....

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