Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Large Space Living Rooms Design

Stunning Living Room Pool Inspirations

Today's topic is luxury large space living rooms. We came across truly fabulous work by William MacCollum who specializes in architectural photography. He ha a ton of photos of luxurious interiors, exteriors and even some abstract works. Our top picks from the gallery include luxury homes and large living rooms with stunning views on the citysc...

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Los Angeles House With Amazing Downtown City Views

Terrace Indoor Outdoor Lounge at Night

This amazing house has a spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles. Located on the Sunset Strip in LA, this 7,000 square foot house was designed by McClean Design. One of the focal points of this house is a fabulous swimming pool with a view from West LA to Santa Monica and Catalina Island. Although we'll never be able to afford it, this dream ho...

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Modern Luxury Italian Living Rooms

White Living Room with Broen Leather Sofa Design

Busnelli is an Italian furniture design company presenting a modern minimalist living room design. With soft and pleasant colors and minimal chic, this living room furniture is focused on appearing modern and luxurious. Busnelli's ever-evolving Italian living room styles and designs are great if you want to display elegance and provide a comfor...

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Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs

Stainless Steel Countertops Kitchen by Berloni

We've discussed many different kitchen design colors previously, including yellow, blue, purple, red, green, orange... The choices are almost limitless, and there's no reason to consider any kitchen color a standard one. This is especially noticeable with modern stainless steel kitchens. You can mix and match countless different color themes an...

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Exotic Landscape of Viceroy Hotel in Bali

Luxury Garden Villa Bedroom Design

We haven't talked about architecture in a few weeks, so let's take a look today at The Viceroy Hotel, located in Ubud Bali, Indonesia. This is one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world with a calm atmosphere, large and luxurious outdoor and indoor pools, breathtaking mountain scenery and tranquil lush green surroundings. Bali is well...

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Castle Design of New Jaffa Apartment in Tel Aviv

Unique Celing Ronded Design Hall Kitchen

The Jaffa Apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This newly renovated building uses all the old structure's characteristics, including arches and walls of stone overlooking beautiful sand beaches, while creating a more open and modern space. A very interesting fact about this apartment is that all balconies face west toward the Mediterranean ...

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Best Luxury Train: Maharajas Express

Wooden Room Divider

When speaking of interior design, trains are most certainly not the first thing that pops to minds. Nevertheless we enjoy seeing style and beauty wherever we find it, and this time it's on a luxurious Maharajas Express train. This train has 14 carriages, two dining rooms, bar and lounge. Its interior decoration is very luxurious, and traveling I...

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Small Space Living Area Designs

Unique Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

This is The Closet House, one of the winners of Arch Daily’s Building of the Year award a few years ago. This house was designed by Consexto architects, who did wonders in all of 44 square meters. This is a very small house, but one made very convenient and livable with a few smart design choices. The Closet House has a total of five rooms. Tw...

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Unique Nature Themed Office

Weird Denver Eco Office Supplies

We often take a look at green gardens, but this office in Denver took it a step further. As the artist who created it explains: “Domination implies taking over. If we had it our way, natural systems would dominate entirely. Natural systems operate in perfect efficiency. Humans are both part of those natural systems and also somehow separate (by ...

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Colorful Modern Sofa Designs

Blue Red and Yellow Living Room Sofa Sets Ideas

Manufacturer of home furnishings Roche Bobois offers several beautiful sofa collections. One of their extensive collection offers is called Les modern, which unites the best of modern sofa designs with cheerful and stylish colors. Roche Bobois is updating their collection all the time with exciting new models, but in our today's gallery we're t...

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