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Modern Interior Design Rendered by Rafael Reis

Sophisticated Brown Cream Living Room

These beautiful renders by Rafael Reis show modern designs, where the designer's favorite colors are used in a dynamic and fun way. This design uses big elements like walls, floors and furniture with white and pale neutral colors. Rafael Reis created a lively and enchanting minimalist space. Scroll  down to see our top picks of his modern inte...

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Amazing Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero Resort Philippines

You might have heard of the amazing Villa Escudero with waterfall restaurants, where diners are invited to enjoy the lunch served by waiters wearing traditional Philippines clothing. This amazing villa with unique restaurants is positively bizarre and out of this world, making it a fantastic memory for all travelers and foodies....

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Modern Open House with Pool Design

Stunning Open House Design with Amazing Pool Lighting

Today we're looking at a great example of modern architecture with open house design with a pool. This house was designed by Marcio Kogan and is located in Casa dos Ipês in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The whole house has a deluxe and modern feel. It's pleasant to the eyes and and stylishly furnished, very beautiful and bright with large glass walls o...

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Beautiful White Scandinavian Living Room

Wet Room with Wash Machine Ideas

Extremely charming and well-planned modern white Scandinavian living room interior design with simple, pure and fully functional furniture. One of the principles of this design by Industriromantik is that of symmetry. Open living room is central to this design. Long couch without backrest fits very well, and applying a couple of coats of white p...

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White Modern Paris Apartment Design

White Interior Paris Apartment Design

This white modern Paris apartment design is very consistently planned. Large and bright living room and clean kitchen truly displays the modern French interior design well. Kitchen is large and has classic-looking dining cabinets, but with a modern touch and materials. Take a look. Via: Mires Paris...

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Beautiful Valentine’s Day Table Decoration Ideas

Sweet Heart Candle Valentine Decoration

Valentine's Day is that one day a year you don't want to be alone. Spending Valentine's with a loved one is a tradition and very much expected of you, so why not put some more thought into it. Our gallery today displays some wonderful Valentine's Day decorations that can easily create a romantic atmosphere. You can use "standard" roses with red ...

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Contemporary Kitchens Collection from Cuisines Morel

White Wood Kitchen with Large Glass Wall

We found a few truly great kitchen designs from Cuisines Morel collection. Many of these kitchens work well for an industrial space, and can be perfect for modern open apartments or lofts. Almost every one of these contemporary kitchens has a unique touch such as graffiti. (Visuals rendered by Interiorvista)...

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Modern Glass Villa in The Netherlands

Modern Sliding Glass Doors Design Ideas

This modern glass villa is located in Burgh-Haamstede, the Netherlands. It was built by Whim Architecture. The villa looks excellent, because walls are not constructed of concrete walls or wood as one might assume but rather clear glass all around the house, which provides quite a fantastic view of the villa exterior! Scroll down to view more imag...

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Poster Prints for Kids Rooms

Soft Pink Hello Kitty Theme Room

Poster prints are great decorating ideas for your kid’s room. You can easily combine your kid's favorite superhero characters or a simple car picture to bring the room to life and provide some excitement for your kids room. Cia International offers some poster prints such as DC Comics superheroes. Hello Kitty is a famous character perfect for ...

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Wooden Interior Apartment Design

Slate Tile Wall Marble Bathroom Design

This is G Seven home, located in the southern part of Hong Kong. This house is decorated with high quality wood paneling, with the recessed ceiling lighting in any room. A modern small aquarium in the corner of dining room looks particularly beautiful. Modern home office in corner with desks and storage bank is also a nice touch. This wooden int...

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