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Minimalist Red & White Apartment Interior

Red White Minimalist Kitchen Diner Accent Design Ideas

Red and white is a great color combination for using in any home interior. Red is perfect for furniture and accents where conversation needs to be lively, while white is pure, fresh and clean. White interiors can feel cold, but also very comforting. It all depends on how you use red and white, and Carola Vannini Architecture certainly knows h...

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8 Creative Illustration Wallpapers

Kids Study Room with Girl Bird Wolf Wallpaper Mural

We're presenting a few inspirational art and illustration wallpapers by Catalina Estrada, a creative art director based in Barcelona. On the aesthetic side, wallpapers from Catalina Estrada create a more dramatic effect than many wallpapers....

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Cool and Awesome Photos of Google Zurich

Creative Room with Mural and Graffiti

Google’s Zurich (Zooglers) building is one of their most known offices in the world. The Zurich offices are located in Switzerland. These offices are complete with meeting room, play room, fork restaurant, music studio, mini basketball court, serenity eggs, thinking gondolas etc. Scroll down to view more Zooglers pictures....

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Brilliant White Loft Design Ideas

Modern Wood White Kitchen Island in Loft

Konstantin Andreev has transformed and renovated many warehouses into modern colorful lofts, including this one. This modern loft space has sizable windows to give natural light in the room. The window dressed with sheer fabric panels looks beautiful. The urban design style combines wood , brick and plastic with modern elements and bright colors...

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Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

White Oak Modern Kitchen Furniture Set

Cesar is a famous Italian kitchen designer since 1969, and his designs are known around the world. Some of the designs use the original wood color to create homely kitchen but still calm, elegant and modern. Clean counters and glossy walls without knick-knacks is characteristic of modern kitchens....

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Modern Colorful Sectional Living Room Sofa

Urban Living Room with White Leather Sofa

For a different atmosphere in your living room , you may want a modern colorful sectional sofa to truly accentuate a portion of your living room, as well as give it an air of happiness and warmth. In today article we will present 8 Modern Colorful Sectional Sofa by Divanilago. Colorful designs look very cool and soft. Minimalistic and modern des...

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Australian Contemporary Apartment Design

Small Walk in Closet Apartment Design

With a superb location in Brisbane, Australia, Donovan Hill redesign a former wool store into this modern apartment. Open floor plan between kitchen and living room with large sliding panoramic windows indicate modern apartment style. Fully equipped and stylish kitchen with white doors has stainless steel appliances. Spacious lounge has plenty...

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Inspiring Bright and Colorful Office Designs

Pink and White Interior Office Design

For some people working in offices can be incredibly boring. Spending a large part of daily life in office spaces can be a monotonous experience. Therefore, interior design of offices plays a very important role. Many modern offices have colorful walls and sleek furniture that does not resemble the old traditional office furniture. Take a look a...

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Sleek Modern Interior Design Ideas

Stainless Steel Diner Table Design

Our gallery today features a few interesting sleek modern interior design ideas. We often come across impressive designs and 3D interior renders that can be difficult to categorize in our other posts, so we're simply going to throw a few interesting styles and matches in the gallery below. Enjoy!...

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Modern and Stylish Bathroom Design

Sonia Nouveau Bathroom with Black Sink Backsplash

Bathrooms are the most private of places in our homes. We actually spend quite a great deal of time in bathrooms, so why not spend more time thinking about how to decorate it. Bathrooms are often a place of relaxation and it's immensely important that we feel completely comfortable in them. Today's gallery showcases a few modern stylish bathroom...

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