Furniture Interior Design Ideas

Romantic Garden Furniture Designs

Unique Romantic Garden Furnitre Design

Home gardens are wonderful places to rest and relax. Creating a romantic atmosphere in a garden isn't overly difficult, and you can find very comfortable and pleasant furniture designs that can complement a romantic setting. Today we're taking a look at a few romantic garden furniture pieces by Corradi. This furniture is perfect for enjoying a g...

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How to Design Open Living & Dining Spaces

The White Luxury Bathroom Overview Inspirations

Open living and dining rooms can easily represent the openness in life. There's no need to separate your kitchen or dining room with the living room, and if you have plenty of space to work with you can easily find a great open space interior design. Let's take a look at some functional open living and dining rooms below....

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Cool Modern Japanese Kitchen Designs

Zen Kitchen and Courtyard Design with Wooden Furniture Set

Who doesn’t long for a kitchen that is truly an escape from daily life? With its cool design, low profile furniture and limited clutter, modern design and Japanese kitchen design work very well together and can help you create kitchen of your dreams. Traditionally, Japanese kitchen decor is modern, sleek, captivating, and makes quite the natural ...

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Minimalist Ultra-Modern House by Yuri Zimenko

Modern White and Brown Bathroom Design

In an era of rapid growth of megacities we are increasingly thinking about urban life and how to get back in nature. Owners of this country mansion look to reconcile with their desire to stand apart from the world, and a desire to be part of it, connecting with nature. The choice brings us to this country house near Kiev. "The house had been bui...

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Minimalist Scandinavian Interiors with Thrifted Treasures

Yellow Kitchen Lamp Color Inspirations

This lightweight Scandinavian house of thrifted treasures is largely inspired by its location, filled with real treasure and a low-profile form. This "thrifted treasures" house was designed by Living Agency. Urban decor theme and lightweight colors are the main aspects of this interior design. Variety of creative decorative pieces fit well in e...

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HiCan: The Ultimate Luxury Bed

Shopiscated Television Mounted Bed

The following gallery features HiCan, a luxury entertainment bed coming with the finest bedding system. The bed has blinds that can enclose you for a restful, free sleep, provided with finest bedding system. It also comes with a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC and full multimedia complement with game and entertainment ...

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Rustic Italian Antique Villa

Fresh and Beautiful Villa Garden Design

This is villa Casali di Monticchio, with classic Italian interior looks. It's located in the gentle hills bordering on Umbria and Tuscany, Italy. The villa is surrounded by three farmhouses and consists of winter garden, pool, library also billiard room. Interiors are equipped with rough wooden beams, stone, and traditional fireplaces creating an a...

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Interior Design Ideas: Hangout for the Whole Family

Second Floor Cool Cafe Interior Ideas

Nuca Studio has designed a hangout for the entire family. This Cafe is located in Romania and draws inspiration from vinyl toys and Japanese anime and cartoons. The cafe is equipped with a restaurant and playground. It even has an elephant in the room....

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Modern and Awesome Small Apartment Design

Unique Circular Glass Bedroom Inspirations

This awesome small apartment design was created by Ukrainian firm ArtMixer located in St. Petersburg. Who could imagine that small space apartment could look so awesome? Simplistic colors and creative lighting easily makes this small apartment seem much larger than it actually is. This design is a great inspirational idea if you want to find ou...

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Colorful Modern Luxury Villa Design

Luxury White Dining Room with Crystal Chandelier

This fresh and modern house is located in suburbs of Madrid, Spain. The house design prioritizes balance of nature. The villa features wood walls designed to catch the sun and make the terrace feel much brighter. The interior is minimalist with simple but modern colors and shapes. Striped rugs in the living room and green plants in backyard make...

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