Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Classic Bathroom by Lineatre

Luxury Classic Bathroom with Doble Vanity Glass

Luxurious bathrooms are always "in", and today we're bringing your attention to the glamorous designs and collections by an Italian company Lineatre. Everything in these bathrooms screams of luxury, from quality wood component and cabinets, to gold and wood framed mirrors and of course marble tabletops. These are the kind of unnecessarily expens...

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Embrace Lampposts from Design Systems

Lampposts Viewed from Behind the Wall Circular Shape

Though Ghoofie is usually about home decoration rather than public spaces, today we simply couldn't resist but bring you these amazingly designed lamp posts from Hong Kong. Created by Design Systems, these street lights are used for pedestrian lane in front of Kaifong Community Hall in Hong Kong. There are five light poles: three of them form a ...

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Cool Kids Room Designs

Shining Purple Kids Room

When it comes to kid bedrooms, the design style doesn't have to fall into any particular category to be effective. In this gallery we'll focus on a variety of styles simply to give you a few interesting ideas that you might want to use in your next home deco project. Whether it's purple or red, modern or classic, minimalist or not, there's somet...

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Spongebob Bedroom and Furniture Set

Spongebob Bedding Set Design

Spongebob is an iconic character loved by millions of kids, and decorating your child's room with this theme is not too uncommon. Though girls often prefer an abundance of pink color in their bedrooms, Sponge Bob is a nice alternative that many girls would certainly appreciate. Our Sponge Bob girl's bedroom photo gallery should provide you with ...

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Minimalist and Colorful Teen Rooms

White and Black Teen Room decor 2011

Not all kids have the same taste, and minimalist kids bedroom designs are becoming more and more popular. Getting clutter out of the rooms can have its benefits as well, and that's exactly what Spanish company BM is all about. These are the designs we selected to give you a few quality ideas on how a minimalist kid bedroom can still look cool an...

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Cool Kids Room From Team 7

Soccer Field Cool Kids Room Themed Example

One interesting aspect of the designs from team 7 is that they have successfully managed to incorporate the 'play' factor into every kid's room. Various sports or music themes are common from Team 7, and as one photo from our gallery shows, making a creative football-themed bedroom doesn't have to be overly difficult. Young football fans (which ...

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11 Modern and Cool Teen Bedroom Designs

Pink Teenage Bedrooms Modern

Teenagers are not easy to please and they usually already have a specific taste. Many of them like the modern and elegant style so when you decorate their room you have to consider it. Most teens decorate the room depending on their daily activities and hobbies however, so having sports jerseys and equipment, or music posters is hardly uncommon. ...

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German Kitchens by Schueller

White Kitchens by Schueller

Germans are renowned for making quality and reliable products with great design, and kitchens are no different. Today's gallery includes photos of German kitchen maker Schueller, who are amazing at blending quality with functionality and making every modern kitchen look fantastic. If you're looking for a simple kitchen with outstanding quality, ...

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Inspiring Pink Themed Girls Rooms

Pink Pixie Girls Room

It's no secret that girls love pink, and if you choose to decorate a girl's bedroom in this color chances are you won't go wrong at any point. Some things however are best done in moderation, and this South Korean photographer Jeong Mee Yoon's design is certainly going one step further. Having pink accessories and accents in a girls room is comm...

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Cool Children Bookcase Ideas

Children Bookcase in Whitewash Finish with Lowercase Letters

Getting your kids into books can be a daunting task, but the most important thing may very well be making them accessible at all times. Instead of having bookshelves full of dolls, cars, or action figures, consider making a focus on bookshelves and bookcases instead. Having books at arms length of your kids may inspire them to reach out and grab...

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