Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

Dining Room Setting

Dining Room Setting2

The dining room is an essential part of your home, especially if you have a small or large family. This is so because these days, the modern architecture calls for open spaces and so you will probably not have enough space in your kitchen to fit a good quality dining table. What you can do with your modern architecture space is to have the dinin...

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Amazing Interior Detailing by Asaf Bakhshiyev

Contemporary Combined Living Room Diner with White Furniture

The choice of young people in favor of minimalism (in full or only in the interior of the color palette) can be explained by a protest against excessive attachment to the decoration in the generation of their parents or personal attitude. In any case - they are right. But among the works of designers such projects are rare, perhaps because they ...

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White Themed Dining Room Design Ideas

White Themed Dining Room Design Ideas Glass Aquarium on the Side

White is always in style, and today we selected ten sleek white dining room designs to capture your imagination. There's plenty of reason why you would use a white palette for your dining room, but most importantly because it creates both a modern and classic atmosphere, and it can literally fit with any other colors. Breakfast, lunch, or a d...

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