Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Beauty For Your Kitchen

Rustic kitchen with brick wall

Unlike modern kitchen which are dominated by smooth and straight lines and glossy surfaces, rustic design kitchens are known for their extensive usage of natural materials: brick, wood, ceramics, and rock. Due to those materials these kitchens have predominantly curved and softer lines. Thanks to the minimalist appearance and large amount of drawer...

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Kitchen Designs Made For Chefs

abstract kitchen designs

Many people would love to have a ginormous kitchen. We have come up with some of the most amazing kitchens throughout the world. These kitchens feature some of the greatest kitchen design ideas around. Some of these kitchens are 600 square feet alone and feature ovens, stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and all the necessary components that would go...

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Wood Components For Small Kitchens

Traditional Wooden Style Cabinets Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Adding wood components to your kitchen can really make it stand out! Wood is one of the oldest used materials to build houses and kitchens. Whether you are adding wood to your cabinets, floor or appliances, you can really make your kitchen have a homey feel with the right wood. Having wood flooring in the kitchen is a very popular idea that many pe...

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Cooking Fireplace Crane with Unique Designs

Tough Metallic Cooking Fireplace Crane Driftwood Rustic Stone Fireplace

One way to create stunning look of the fireplace is by adding Cooking Fireplace Crane. It is what the American colonial used to have. In that era, this sort of crane is common in British and American houses. If you love to have classic and antique item for your home, you can add this fireplace crane into your home. Here are some ideas of the design...

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Italian Kitchen Design for Classic Home

Stylish White Bar Stools Modern Range Hood Italian Kitchen Design

Kitchen as main important part from a home also touched by Italian kitchen design. Where this design adopt Italian model. The Italian model already famous for home design. Then, for kitchen set, this design provides some alternatives which become options. Not only the theme that should be concerned, replacing of equipment and decoration materials a...

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Great Ideas & Inspiration for Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets can make or break a kitchen. There are many types of kitchen cabinets and many colors as well. A light kitchen cabinet can make your kitchen brighter and more warm. The cabinets in your kitchen cover the most area and have the biggest impact on how your kitchen looks. Not only are the kitchen cabinets important but the knobs that y...

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Pretty Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Artistic Painting

Tiny Tile Kitchen Backsplash Modern Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Cabinet

In order to renovate her small house, my cousin asks me to accompany her consult with a professional interior designer. When we arrive at a huge house design where interior designer lives. Finally, we meet a man regarded as interior designer. He would like to shows us innovative living spaces inside. I see a kitchen which is designed in luxurious f...

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Modern Home Decorating Ideas for Combined Spaces

Modern Home Decorating Ideas

Modern home decorating ideas As time has passed by, perhaps the one major change in architecture that we have seen is that of the walls disappearing. Yes, most of the home architecture that is built today is in such a way that two or more spaces are combined to form one single seating and functional area. One of the most common in this regar...

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Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets that Inspire


If you have had the pleasure of visiting the interior design show that was held in Canada, Toronto on the 24-27 of Jan-’13, then you know that the kind of items that were showcased there were everything but boring. In fact, even though you may have seen some of the products already in the market, the way they were showcased and presented made ...

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5 Design Trends for 2013

Decorating Alternatives

5 Design Trends for 2013 We’ve done the research, and have determined the top 5 trends for decorating your home in 2013. While the must-have trends vary from designer to designer there are a few prevailing themes: Gold, silver, bronze, copper and steel. Metallic tones are trending all over the place. Look for metallic print wallpapers, gol...

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