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Beautiful White Loft Design Inspirations

White Loft Living Room with Red and White Furniture

Today we invite you to see the collection of white loft from milan and paris. Some interesting designs to be discussed, in terms of spatial arrangement of Milan and modern classic designs from London, Paris. Placing bookshelves as a barrier between the space I think deserve to be an inspiration, use of furniture in every corner of the room is very ...

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Red and Green Loft Design Ideas

Simple Rows of Shevles in Paris Loft

Today we discuss about the loft, large rooms with no barriers - whether you think? This time we are sharing to a few tips for designing a variety of areas in the loft with red and green loft design. To separate areas in your loft space to look tidy, the best way is to use furniture that is useful for example utilizing wood as a bookcase divider bet...

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Modern and Futuristic Black and White Apartment

White and Grey Bathroom with Glass Wall Design

This time Geometrix companies make unique design, make apartment 2 colors black and white. Probably design options for some people who like futuristic style and also can bring to mind the spacecraft. Apartment, with a touch of exceptional high-gloss white (not just on the floor, but also the ceiling and walls), such as a protective cocoon, sealed,...

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Modern and Beautiful White Interior Decoration

Great White Dining Area Design 2011

White is a versatile color indicates freshness and bright, the tenant will have no dearth of ideas. The white color is only in the room can compact furniture colors with other colors, depending on the use of space. Room Interior Design with White color can takes you to feel peace and a runaway success for the number of positive sereneness and white...

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Original Wooden Interior Design by Marc Canut

White Room with Wood Floors and Accents in Modern Home

The following are some of Wooden Interior Design by Marc Canut. Original wood accents are what determines the art and value, Marc showed us how beautiful the wood, versatile and have high artistic value. In the interior design and architecture, wood has always been one of the ingredients we most often used. It is not only valuable for its sturdines...

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