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Beautiful White Loft Design Inspirations

White Loft Living Room with Red and White Furniture

Milan, London and Paris are always a great source of inspiration for loft designs. A fusion of both modern and classic, with bookshelves as a barrier between spaces and use of furniture in every corner, is always elegant and pleasant. Today's featured gallery comes from airbnb and miresparis. Take a look at these white loft designs and get insp...

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Red and Green Loft Design Ideas

Simple Rows of Shevles in Paris Loft

Loft designs are typically not complex. More often than not they're wide and relatively empty spaces with limited furniture and decoration. But that doesn't mean it should look empty! Our featured designs today include a red and green loft design ideas. Separating spaces with bookcases or other objects can often make the place look more tidy. Ad...

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Modern and Futuristic Black and White Apartment

White and Grey Bathroom with Glass Wall Design

Modern and futuristic black and white apartment designs are the theme for our today's featured gallery. Combination of black and white is most commonly seen in modern and luxury apartment designs. It looks very elegant and spacious. This gallery by Geometrix company will most certainly give you something to think about. These unique black and w...

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Modern and Beautiful White Interior Decoration

Great White Dining Area Design 2011

White is a versatile colors. It indicated freshness and brightness, and gives you no shortage of ideas. It's clean and modern, but without that special touch it can often feel bland and sterile. If you only want to use white in your interior designs, be sure to use it properly. Nobody likes visiting doctors or dentist's officers, and predominant...

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Original Wooden Interior Design by Marc Canut

White Room with Wood Floors and Accents in Modern Home

The following gallery includes just some of the wooden interior designs by Marc Canut. Original wood accents are what determines the art and value. Marc showed us how beautiful and versatile the wood can be. In interior design and architecture, wood has always been one of the most used materials. It's sturdy, durable, but also flexible in terms ...

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