2013 Color Trends for Interior Design

For interior designing, colors play an important role and every year different trends in colors are selected by interior designers. Colors are used for bringing a pleasant feeling or for making your mood better because they have a special psychological impact on human personality. Choice of them also depends upon the design you are looking. Some of the 2013 coloring trends for interior designing are mentioned below:
2013 is a year of beautiful and bold colors and these have totally replaced the neutral and simpler tones of 2012. Now the walls are painted with full bright paints that are splashing. Vintage is the main theme for this year and interior designers mix different patterns and present, circles, chevrons and stripes in their designs. Besides walls, colors can also be introduced in a house through bed linens, pillows and other small things. Top 2013 color trends are:
Though it sounds like a color for ladies but it gives a very romantic and soothing feeling. In 2013, it is not only pink; actually it is hot pink such as fuchsia. It is an excellent choice for living room and it matches nicely with a pure white background. It can also be used in pillows and lamps also show up with bold colors.
The second choice for 2013 color trends is purple. It is also known as the symbol of loyalty and it can be used in many ways. It is most commonly used for wedding dresses and in different wedding functions. However, 2013 is more a year of reddish purple. It is alive, bright and is totally opposite to deeper shades that have heavy influence of blue in it.
Emerald Green
It is best for all those who want to give their house a darker look. It can be used in kitchen for painting a strip. Similarly, you can also use granite counter tops if you want to avoid bright colors but still desire to use colors in your house.
Ocean Blue
Blue is always the favorite color of many designers and this year it is also included in the top color trends. It is a great versatile color and many designers use it in combination with yellow and green. If you want to have a natural tone for your house then you can replace yellow with beige and tan.
No matter whatever color scheme you select, it is always recommended to introduce colors in a house slowly without remodeling the complete house. Choose from the above mentioned colors to give a beautiful look to your house.

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