How to Hide Spy Cameras in Your Home

Though usually met with negative connotations, there are many reasons why you’d want to hide cameras in your own home. Spying on your cleaning lady or babysitter for example are one of the most common ones, but it can also help protect your home in case of a robbery of some other suspicious or illegal activity.

Regular security cameras are typically large and very obvious, and placing them inside of your home will be quite suspicious and obvious, regardless if it’s in bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or somewhere else. When you want more clandestine surveillance in your house there are various hidden spy cameras you can install which are nearly impossible to detect unless someone is specifically looking for them.

The trick is to make these hidden cameras look like a regular object, and not something out of place. Even though a camera on one might not be immediately noticeable, having a teddy bear in your kitchen for example can surely raise some red flags. Perhaps the camera itself may be hard to notice, but such a thing is definitely out of place in your kitchen or bathroom that it might draw some unnecessary attention.

Below we’ll take a look at some commercially available spy cameras to give you a start if you’re looking to hide them in your home.

Hidden cameras in bedrooms

Alarm clock hidden camera

Philips alarm clock with a hidden 720p HD spy camera.

Without going into reasons why you’d install spy cameras in your bedroom, it is important to say there’s not a lot of options here. Unless we’re dealing with kid’s bedrooms of course, then the cameras are easily placed in a huge variety of toys. The most common ones are surely teddy bear cameras, which enable you to secretly spy on your nanny while she’s alone with your children.

For bedrooms for adults, the most inconspicuous way to hide a camera in your bedroom is an alarm clock. Everyone has one next to their beds, and hiding a spy camera in your bedroom’s alarm clock is in the same time most obvious yet most hidden place. An alarm clock camera can even be plugged in for virtually unlimited recording of both video and audio without worrying about batteries. As mentioned finding everyday objects that belong is the best trick for hiding spy cams in bedrooms much like any other room. Another great choice is a covert camera in a smoke detector: it makes perfect sense to have one in your bedroom, and it’s not even noticeable at first glance.

Hidden cameras in bathrooms

Clothes hanger hidden spy camera

Clothes hook is a very clandestine way to hide a spy camera.

Although not without dangers, bathroom spy cameras aren’t so uncommon either. Once again the secret is in finding an object that doesn’t seem out of place, although it can be somewhat difficult to find one for bathrooms. An excellent choice for a hidden camera in bathroom is a clothes hook: you can simply put it on the door or any wall you prefer, and nobody would bother looking at it twice. Make sure to properly secure it since if someone actually does use it for hanging their clothes you definitely don’t want it to fall off and reveal what it’s really about.

Another interesting choice is a camera in an electrical outlet or a power adapter — these might seem odd to someone who uses your bathroom every day, but occasional guests will likely keep their fingers and eyes away from it. Likely the best option is a camera behind a mirror: there’s no bathroom without a mirror in any part of the civilized world and it can be the perfect place to hide one.

Hidden cameras in offices

Light bulb hidden camera

Unless someone has a habit of changing your non-working light bulbs, this hidden camera should go unnoticed.

If your home office has sensitive or confidential work information, it makes sense to make sure there are no prying eyes looking at it, or at the very least know if it happens. Various motion-detector cameras are excellent for offices since they will start recording only when someone actually triggers them, making sure you can quickly view everything recorded on them. Offices are commonly cluttered with various personal belongings but also everyday objects, so cameras in glasses, air fresheners, clocks, pens, USB drives, electric outlets, or numerous fun-looking gadgets you can place on your desk or drawers can work perfectly.

Some other secret hidden cams can work well in offices as well, such as ones in light bulbs, watches, car keys…

Hidden spy cameras in living rooms & kitchen

Hidden spy camera in picture frame

Looks like a regular picture frame, but includes a hidden 720p HD camera.

Living rooms and kitchens have a variety of common objects and provide you with the most ways to get creative. A camera in sunglasses left on a stand, or a simple electrical outlet can easily go unnoticed. If you don’t allow smoking in your living room, a recording device hidden in a smoke detector can fool even the most keen eye. Another great hidden spy cam idea is to purchase one looking like an air freshener, radio clock or water bottle — the choices are nearly unlimited. Most of these hidden spy cams can fool everyone not looking too closely, and will record any footage you might find interesting. Wall clocks with cameras can get looked at very often, but often the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

Wall clock camera

Excellent for any part of your home, this wall clock will tell you more than just time.

Overall there’s a wide assortment of hidden cameras, and as previously mentioned the best way to hide them is to make sure they look like everyday objects belonging to the room they’re in. It can be quite embarrassing to have to explain to your guests why you’re recording them, so the best way to go about it is to make sure they never even suspect anything, much less find one. Spy cams are often fairly small and with limited recording capabilities due to internal data storage or battery limits, so purchasing one with a motion detector can be a smart call. Some cameras can record for several days, so it all depends on your needs. There are also infrared hidden cameras you can buy which can record well even at night, and though these aren’t always cheap they are available if you require them.

Speaking of which, there’s really no rule for hidden camera prices. With so many options and manufacturers the prices range anywhere from $10 to several hundred dollars on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Radio Shack, or Ebay. Most expensive hidden cameras typically have longer battery life and can record in HD resolution for hours or even days. Motion detectors, remote controllers, or live wireless data transmission can affect the price as well, so the price typically depends on the camera features, and of course your needs.

We do hope our article gave you some great ideas for hidden home cameras, just make sure you don’t do anything that might get you into trouble!

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