Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Rustic Beauty For Your Kitchen

Rustic kitchen with brick wall

Unlike modern kitchen which are dominated by smooth and straight lines and glossy surfaces, rustic design kitchens are known for their extensive usage of natural materials: brick, wood, ceramics, and rock. Due to those materials these kitchens have predominantly curved and softer lines. Thanks to the minimalist appearance and large amount of drawer...

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How to Choose the Best Small House Plans

Tiny cottage house plan

Considering the state of financial markets in the recent years, it's not a surprise more and more people who are looking to build their own house are no longer thinking big. Small houses are often adequate and certainly more affordable than building large mansions, and finding the right small house plans for you can still be a tedious task. Even in...

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Trending Ideas for Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Wood furniture in bathroom

Bathrooms often come in limitless colors and design choices, but one of the most more frequent ones over the past few years has been the classic black and white tile set. These simplistic colors certainly made a comeback lately and they fit perfectly in modern homes with minimalist style, although by no means limited by that. Here we'll take a quic...

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How to Hide Spy Cameras in Your Home

Spy cam in pen

Though usually met with negative connotations, there are many reasons why you'd want to hide cameras in your own home. Spying on your cleaning lady or babysitter for example are one of the most common ones, but it can also help protect your home in case of a robbery of some other suspicious or illegal activity. Regular security cameras are typic...

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16 Backyards That will Make you Miss Summer

peaceful backyard on deck

The backyard is a great place for the whole family. The kids can play and the parents can cook and grill out on the deck. Having a great backyard is one of the big perks of owning a home. Some backyards have pools and some have trampolines or even play jungle gyms. The possibilities are endless when you have a larger backyard. We have added 16 amaz...

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20 Amazing Fireplaces

wood fireplace and wood holder

Well, unfortunately winter is just around the corner. With the leaves starting to fall and the cold brisk air coming in, its time to fix up that fireplace and get it ready for the long cold nights of the winter. The fireplace is a huge center piece of your living room. Living rooms with fireplaces can really make your room stand out among others as...

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Trendy Sofa Ideas For Interior Design

trendy zebra love seat

Many new age sofas are not like that old sofa you used to sit on in your grand parents house. Trendy sofas are now more sleek and stylish and provide a more simple look with a touch of modern. The new trendy couches come in all shapes and colors and are usually more expensive than your average sofa because it is the trend now. Some of the sofas abo...

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Modern Home Architecture

stucco and brick modern home

Modern homes are the new thing. Looking at houses with modern look and feel can be very pleasing to the eye. Here are some awesome pictures of modern homes. Some of these modern homes are located in California, Arizona, Florida and other hot spots. Too see more amazing architecture follow us on Facebook and don't forget bookmark

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California Dream Homes

california lviing room with view

When we think of dream houses, there are a few cities we think of. Miami, New York, and California. California is the breeding ground for dream homes and rich people. Most movie stars, business owners and other rich folks tend to move to California to start their life. This is due to the great year round weather, close beaches, and close mountains....

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24 Stunning Pool Designs

amazing pool with hot tub

We all know that the pool is the most wanted piece of a house. Having a pool cools you off in the summer months and if you live in a part of the world that is hot year round, then having a pool is almost a necessity.  Having a pool at your home can be a lot of hard work and up keep but can increase your houses value tremendously. A pool is a great...

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