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How to Choose the Best Small House Plans

Tiny cottage house plan

Considering the state of financial markets in the recent years, it's not a surprise more and more people who are looking to build their own house are no longer thinking big. Small houses are often adequate and certainly more affordable than building large mansions, and finding the right small house plans for you can still be a tedious task. Even in...

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Modern Home Architecture

stucco and brick modern home

Modern homes are the new thing. Looking at houses with modern look and feel can be very pleasing to the eye. Here are some awesome pictures of modern homes. Some of these modern homes are located in California, Arizona, Florida and other hot spots. Too see more amazing architecture follow us on Facebook and don't forget bookmark

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Amazing Building in France by Odile Decq

New Building by Odile Decq - Outdoor View

Signed Odile Decq, the new building will be inaugurated Frac Bretagne July 6, 2012 and open to the public September 15, 2012. Located just outside the park of Beauregard, Beauregard in the BIA, northwest of Rennes, an area undergoing urbanization, the building stretches to the edge of town and countryside. Developing over 5000 m2, it consists of...

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Types of House Design & Architecture

Modern Eclectic Traditional House Design in Airy Natural Atmosphere

People always planned about house design if they want to build a home. Actually, various places can be designed. The considerations like condition of land, weather, natural environment, and others. The design should compare with some those conditions. Usually, for the design itself decided by consider of condition of land. Then, condition of natura...

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Gothic Architecture Design Ideas

Gothic Architecture Design Ideas2

If you have studied anything related to architecture before, then you know that the gothic architecture has been around for many years now and it is still being used by many who are passionate about its design. Now before you decide on the kind of architectural design that you would like to go for, remember that you will need to know research as mu...

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Emphasize on Planes in Architecture

Emphasize on Planes in Architecture2

Unless you are building a museum or any other such historical landmark, you will probably need to have architecture that looks nice and sleek. This is especially true when you talk about building a new home for yourself and your family as you would want your house to last for a long time and may be even until the time your kids grow up and move on ...

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Interior Design Trends – Embroidery


Interior Design Trends – Embroidery With user based websites such as Etsy, many new trends have been introduced as per design. Jewelry, pottery and many other industries are now embracing the natural touch with hand-made designs. Embroidery is one such craft that is being embraced all over as per drapery in interior design. It is now even seen...

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5 Design Trends for 2013

Decorating Alternatives

5 Design Trends for 2013 We’ve done the research, and have determined the top 5 trends for decorating your home in 2013. While the must-have trends vary from designer to designer there are a few prevailing themes: Gold, silver, bronze, copper and steel. Metallic tones are trending all over the place. Look for metallic print wallpapers, gol...

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Reduce, Reuse, Recyle – 2013’s Emerging Home Décor Trend

discarded, re-use, sustainable, decor, kitchen

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle – 2013’s Emerging Home Décor Trend When it comes to decorating a home, owners are placing value on the quality and love-ability of upgrades. In addition, they are looking for ways to repurpose recovered materials and breathe new life into existing furnishings. One trend in home décor is rescuing vintage furniture a...

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Hi-Rise Tower Lift-Off

Hi-Rise Tower Lift-Off

  A very tight building site necessitated a special design for the bottom of the Point Tower in Toronto, Ontario. The location is 40 Wellesley East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Contrary to the City's Hi-Rise Building Design Guidelines no "Podium" was used. The proposed 46-Storey Tower was lifted up on freestanding columns with the elevat...

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